SHOWCASE INTERVIEW: One Flew West talks ‘Trial & Error’ EP, Inspiration, and More

Following the release of their explosive and charismatic EP Trial & Error, Babetalk had the opportunity to chat with the Denver-based band One Flew West. Digging deeper into their songwriting, music, and experiences, the guys had a lot to say. If you’re hungry for more One Flew West content, check out our review of the EP HERE.



The release of Trial & Error marks your first EP since 2015’s Selective Memory; what has changed for the band since that first EP and how would you say its shaped Trial & Error?

We certainly have been through a lot! We’ve had our lineup change and are now a four piece band and in general we have just learned so much since Selective Memory. The new EP “Trial and Error” really is, as the title suggests, a story about how we have progressed as a band throughout the years and how we’ve navigated the insane landscape that comes with being in a band.

The title track, “Trial & Error” is a clearly pointed, politically charged song that perfectly captures how a lot of feel with the current administration— as well as politics in general. What inspired you to write the track? Was it therapeutic?

For us, this song doesn’t necessarily aim to take sides or try to push our feelings onto others. We hope that this song can mean something different to every person who listens to it and we know that people will take home different messages from it based on their own lives. It’s more about bringing attention to things that we see going wrong in our world and the people that sit idly by and do nothing about it. We hope that people can relate to this song with anything they see going on around them that they may be unhappy with and turn it into something positive.

Obviously, the track is doing quite well— it’s been added to Spotify’s massive The Scene and Pop Punk’s Not Dead playlists, in addition to being featured on Alt. Press; what’s it been like knowing that your song is reaching a new, wide audience, who are loving the song?

Its been incredible to have the Spotify attention we’ve been getting for a band our size, its a great feeling to know that people who are normally out of reach are getting a chance to hear our music. We all listened to Pop Punk’s Not Dead before we ever wrote the EP and love many of the bands on it, so it’s been amazing to see our name in a playlist that we were already fans of ourselves.

With your quickly growing fanbase and in addition to the worldwide exposure from Spotify, if you could tour the EP and visit any city in the world, where would you want to go and play?

 We don’t necessarily have any specific city in mind that would be our first choice. The main thing that is important to us is that we get to introduce new people to our music and hopefully put on a show that people will enjoy and appreciate. If we can do that, it doesn’t matter where it is, we’ll be happy!  

You definitely have a talent for writing smart and snarky lyrics with wonderfully catchy hooks and melodies to match— what would you say your process is for writing such blunt and honest songs?

Linden has a knack for really channeling that raw energy that everybody has inside of them and bringing to light in a catchy and relatable package. The lyrics he writes are really from his heart and he has this ability to say what is on everybody’s mind in a very elegant way. From a music standpoint, we try to match these lyrics with equally energetic sounds. We want our instrumental sound to be raw and have a real attitude to it, while still being playful, to couple with the lyrics.

Musically, who would you say influences your sound? Were there any artists you listened to a lot while making Trial & Error?

The beauty of this EP is that we all have different listening backgrounds that collectively make up our influences. Having this wide base to draw from is incredibly helpful from a writing standpoint but at the same time, there are artists that we all equally admire. If we had to sum it up we drew from the sounds of Frank Turner and Social Distortion for this EP because we love the folk-based punk energy they bring in their music.

More and more we’re seeing Denver prove itself to be a hub for musicians, and a city of tastemakers for the sounds of the future; how would you describe the Denver music scene? How would you say its shaped you?

Denver is a very dynamic scene to say the least. There is no shortage of amazing talent coming out of it and we have enjoyed being a part of it. For us, we really appreciate the diversity of music coming out of this scene from indie, rock, hip hop, rap, folk, and many more. It has taught us to appreciate many different kinds of artists and music.

If you could tour with any artist, past or present (with a max lineup of 3 artists excluding yourselves) who would you tour with?

This is always a tough one, as there are so many bands that we could only dream of touring with. Taking all of our influences into account, our dream tour would most likely be Frank Turner, Social Distortion and Green Day.

What should we expect from One Flew West in the future? Debut album? Tour? Winning more awards in addition to your CBS Denver’s Band To Watch award?

We have been very focused on releasing this EP and we are so happy that it’s finally out. Now that it is released, we just want to get to out to as many people as possible. Above all else, we want to continue to have fun playing music and give it our all wherever we go.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers as well as your fans?

We appreciate every single person who listens to our music and we hope that people enjoy the EP as much as we enjoyed making it! Thank you for your continued support, you rock!


Last modified: February 13, 2018