SHOWCASE INTERVIEW: Meet Your New Favorite Band, Off Road Minivan | Debut EP ‘Spiral Gaze’ out 2/16

Powerful, dark, and full of the full-bodied Alt. Rock we love, Off Road Minivan‘s debut EP Spiral Gaze plays like a kick through the door; unapologetically here, and here to stay. Over the course of four tracks, the New York quintet packs a punch with melodic guitars that weave wonderfully through the heavier sonic landscape and lyrics that wont let go of your ears or your heart for a single moment. Signed to Tooth & Nail Records back in January, this is the band’s first release, with title track “Spiral Gaze” being the lead single (whose video premiered on Alt. Press last month as well). The grandiose nature of the EP is nothing short of impressive, and the buzz behind this release lives up to the content– believe the hype: Spiral Gaze by Off Road Minivan will be ‘on-repeat’ for weeks to come. Blending elements of 90’s grunge and early 00’s emo, Spiral Gaze is familiar, and yet a breath of fresh air; showcasing their talent, influences, and ambitions.
We had the chance to talk to Off Road Minivan about the EP (out this Friday), future albums, and everything influence. Check out our review below, as well as their video for “Spiral Gaze“.
1.Before we talk about your brilliantly heavy debut EP, let’s learn a bit about you guys; how did you guys meet and how did Off Road Minivan form?

We have been friends or playing together for roughly 10 years give or take. Miles, Dave and myself were in our 1st band together at 14. Melvin, Dave and myself were in a later band through our early 20’s. Evan and I have been tied at the hip for about 8 or 9 years now. Melvin and myself keep sharing demos and eventually mysef, Evan and Melvin jammed and wrote the structure for Spiral Gaze.

2. And the name? How did you come to decide on Off Road Minivan for your name? 

My fiancé and I were stuck in traffic on the thruway. A minivan ripped through the grass median and onto the other side. My fiancé just said “look it’s an off road minivan” I immediately yelled write that down haha. That was it. It was just the name I was searching for.

3. Your debut EP, Spiral Gaze, is a heavy 4 track experience that is as melodic as it is absolutely intense; what was your inspiration behind the release?
I’ve been touring for a few years in a metal band and I’ve wanted to create something different. I really missed jamming and creating something organic. No computers or BS just guitar pedals and an empty room. I’ve always been into the story telling aspect of song writing and just needed a new way to express myself.

4. If you could describe the EP in 5 words or less, how would you describe it?
Your favorite alternative band

5. Spiral Gaze seems to tap into the epic rock of the 90’s and early 2000’s— channelling bands like Snow Patrol, Jimmy Eat World, and Foo Fighters; only with a darker, Off Road Minivan edge— musically, who would you say influenced your own sound?
You hit it right on the head. I would say we’re sadder jimmy eat world with a heavier snow patrol. I wanted to write songs that have a clear message. All of the choruses speak directly to what the songs are about. Those bands created timeless music and stood out of the crowd. I want us to be great like that. Not trying to be them but emulate the sincerity they placed in their music.

6. In your video for the titular single for the EP, “Spiral Gaze”, we find an absolutely haunting depiction of a party where something seems off— care to share with us your inspiration behind the video and its relation to the single?
The inspiration came primarily from Natalie Imbruglia – “Torn” and Alanis Morisette – “Thank You”. I wanted to make it clear this was not a love song. In my head it was about 2 things: showing the band members equally and showing aspects of their lives. All of the cast is related or close to the band. My parents, sister, fiancé, cousin, friends etc and every member picked people. Each person is surrounded by relationships that have led them to who they are. They are the ones we didn’t “lose along the way” so we used them to depict different moods. The friends from the party, school, family we all lose people along the way in our lives. I loved the imagery of Natalie and Alanis being still while the world moved around them. They were videos that have stuck with me and I wanted to bring that back.

7. Since signing to Tooth & Nail Records to release Spiral Gaze, what would you say the most exciting moment has been on this new journey?
It’s hard to say. The signing in itself is a big accomplishment. It’s something we’ve all always wanted. Releasing the video was special for me. I think it’s my highlight as an artist so far. I’ve never put as much time into creating a concept the way we did for this video. Seeing people actually enjoying it gave me so much joy.

8. Similarly, have you had a favorite live moment?
We’ve only played a few shows before releasing any material and it was so nice seeing people’s interest. Asking if we had music, merch etc and we didn’t. It made us feel like we had something special.

9. If you could take Off Road Minivan on the road to tour with anyone, who would you want it to be?
Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters on larger scale. I’m directly influenced and would be honored to tour with Manchester Orchestra, Foxing, The Hotelier, or The Menzingers. I think they’re some of the great emo rock acts of our generation.

10. Even though this is only the beginning, what should we expect from Off Road Minivan in 2018 and beyond?
We are working on a full length album and talking about tours. We would like to hit the road in the summer of ‘18. I couldn’t be more excited about the material we have for the full length. Thank you for your time, much love!

We are Off Road Minivan and we wanna be your favorite band!!!

Last modified: February 12, 2018