PHOTO SHOWCASE: Love Was In The Air During NIGHTLY’s NYC Performance

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Saturated with earnest lyrics detailing love and its many complications, Nashville-based alt-pop band Nightly showed us that they are ones to watch Thursday night (2/9) as they opened for rapper NF at NYC’s Playstation Theater. Text-speak for “Night, Love You”, Nightly is upfront about their authenticity in emotional songwriting by name alone– and in the age of the synth revival, it’s what sets them apart from the pack. In a world where electro and R&B inspired pop is everywhere expressing a manufactured and sterilized heartache, cousins Jonathan Capeci (vocals) and Joey Beretta (guitar) write from their gut to create at times painfully honest lyrics– an approach that has paid off. Nearly overnight their Soundcloud-uploaded single “XO” received over 100,000 plays, and within weeks that number jumped to a million– leading to a well deserved deal with Interscope Records, who put out the band’s debut EP Honest in 2016.

In addition to their refreshingly unrestrained lyrics, Nightly has a knack for making bright yet powerful guitar-driven pop that still compliments the waves of EDM, R&B, and 80’s synth. Occupying a sonically dynamic middle-ground between pop and rock, it’s the melody-driven guitar that acts as the glue to hold every layered element of delightfully punchy production together. In songs like the before-mentioned breakout “XO“, the track may take a more traditional route of a pop-anthem, but it’s the undercurrent of these layered guitar riffs that makes the track an absolute earworm that explodes into an insane pre-bridge shredding solo. Meanwhile, in tracks like the endearing ballad “No Vacancy“, it’s the same guitar that grounds the magnificent dream-like synth landscape while adding an intimacy to Capeci’s breathy, almost whispering vocals; it amounts as if to say “This isn’t a dream, this is real life, and it’s magical” just like in the most iconic scenes of romance from our favourite movies.

Nightly‘s magnetic quality both in sound and lyrical content fluidly converts into an enchanting live performance. As Nightly performed for a packed audience in Time Square’s Playstation Theater, their energy was contagious as the crowd immediately took to the band– catching on to their infectious hooks and dancing along as though they were life-long fans. The band undoubtably has that “It” factor that so many look for when performing, and for Nightly— it’s effortless. You’re entranced when you watch them perform, and by the end of their set you’re bubbling with emotion thanks to their talented songwriting and complimentary sonic quality. Nightly has the presence of a headliner set for superstardom no matter the stage they’re taking, and their effect on a crowd is lasting– leaving an emotionally fueled haze long after they’ve played that final note.

Nightly offers something for everyone, while maintaining a sound all their own– which is how they’ve succeeded in winning over fans through tours with artists like NF, K. Flay, The Struts, The Night Game, and Urban Cone. Listing to their EP, title track “Honest” is an EDM-lover’s dream while “Talk To Me” provides something more for the alt-rock crowd; thus, their debut EP, though only four songs, is an appeals journey that hits the mark in several different ways, making the best absolutely irresistible.

Be sure to check out Nightly, on tour with NF at the dates and venues below, and while we wait for the debut album stream Honest on the Spotify player on the bottom.



Last modified: February 9, 2018