NEW MUSIC ALERT: Brooklyn’s Own RANN Drops New Single “Copycat”, Ahead of New EP Out 2/23

In what amounts to a delight of 80’s influenced grit; Brooklyn’s own garage-rockers RANN are back with their latest single “Copycat“– off the soon to be released EP Renegade Holiday, out 2/23. As the first follow-up release to their 2015 debut album Yellowgun, “Copycat” takes everything RANN represents and turns it to ten. The punchy production that seamlessly melded influences ranging from the psychedelic to the outright poppy is even bigger on the single. Diving deeper into the pop-rock side of things, RANN has created a single that sounds like a modern INXS track complete with bass and drums that could easily pass as the offspring of infectious songs such as “Need You Tonight” and “Suicide Blonde” in particular. Further, the duality in tone that the single possesses is brilliant; the offbeat verses give way seamlessly to the outright rock of the chorus ultimately making a sound all their own and expertly done. Existing in a realm where bands like Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, COIN, and The Strokes had a touch of angst and a sprinkle of Peter Gabriel flair, RANN has succeeded since their debut where many fail in making exciting indie college rock. “Copycat” manages to not only reaffirm RANN‘s talent, but sets a new precedent for artists to follow. Rather than settle for mediocrity or a sound that could easily pass off as their influences’, they’ve made something that takes you on a musical journey of twists and turns where you can’t quite pin down what or who they sound like– making RANN a breath of fresh air as they leave their mark on Bushwick and the world. With superbly brash hooks dripping with both alluring synth and fiery guitar, “Copycat” is as hectic as it is thrilling– and an absolute must-listen. You can watch the lyric video for the single below, and keep your eyes peeled for our review of Renegade Holiday in the next few weeks ahead of both its release as well as its release party at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade on 2/24.



Last modified: February 6, 2018