Music Video Feature: Kat Cunning “Wild Poppies”

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For years Kat Cunning has graced the theatrical stage being a triple threat – now she’s taking on a new journey and is expanding her talents into the solo artist and concert settings.

Recently Kat released a new music video for her song “Wild Poppies”. Her mystical voice radiates through your body, allowing the melody to take control of your limbs. Kat having that background in theater allows her to better understand what she wants from her music visually – which makes sense as to why she chose to choreograph this video.

She was smart in the production and didn’t loose focus on the song with adding too much fluff and flashing lights. She took the natural movements of the track and complimented it with a burlesque meets Cirque Du Soleil styled setting. Simplicity is key with Kat Cunning’s music videos – she already creates a world with her lyrical talents, adding too much extra visually will cloud the vision and muddy the world created.

Now Kat is gearing up to hit the road for the first time as official support for LP [Laura Pergolizzi] on her North American Tour. With someone so visual it’ll be interesting to see how she translates her talents live on stage. You can check out the tour dates below


Kat Cunning is quickly picking up in the musical world and with no signs of slowing down – she’s one to watch.

Last modified: February 1, 2018