FOXTURE Stuns With Their LP “EDEN”

(Words by Austyn Castelli)

EDEN, the second LP from North Carolinian indie band FOXTURE begins with the title track, an amalgamation of reversed vocals and guitar parts. It leads into the first full-length song on the album, “Understanding, Pt. 1“, seamlessly. “Understanding, Pt. 1” features reverberating vocals and has an overall trace-like feeling to it. The instrumentation behind the vocals, drums, and bass is free-floating and at times goes perfectly with the melody, at others seems to clash and provide tension. It has a constant energy to it while being simultaneously calm with a natural flow. It takes the chaos from “Eden” and brings an added layer of vocal semblance.

The beginning of “Us” features much sparser instrumentation than “Understanding, Pt. 1“, but manages to fill the background space with the pure power and vibrato of vocalist Marlon Blackmon’s voice. Drummer Andrew Irving’s cymbal use creates audible shimmers throughout the soundscape of smooth guitar notes and bass riffs. Right when you think that the song is beginning to float from the beat, they bring it back in. The fourth track on the album, “Heartbeat“, is based around a drum beat that mimics what most think of as a heartbeat. The production style is consistent with the previous songs on the album, with the airiness and vocal affects unaltered.

Distance“, much like “Heartbeat“, builds around the rhythmic instruments. The vocal phrasing in “Distance” changes as the melodic line becomes more prominent. It is one of the most energetic songs on the album, with drums fills and whining guitars breaking out of the hold of the vocals toward the middle of the song and running away into a jam before bringing it back to the original progression and gradually winding down to the end. The final song on EDEN is “Waves“, which combines the calm, soothing tone of “Understanding, Pt. 1” with the drum-heavy tension of “Distance“. Blackmon’s vocals fill the space while reverberating guitars and busy drum patterns create the background of the song.

FOXTURE creates cohesive, ambient music that somehow manages to fit into many indie subgenres, like math-pop and trance, while also incorporating traditional instruments for a four-piece band. It’s the kind of music that one would expect to be popular at music festivals. EDEN is made up of songs that some people may want to rock out to while others may feel soothed and relaxed by. FOXTURE has cultivated both a visual and auditory aesthetic that is both eye-catching and on trend within the indie music scene.

You can stream EDEN below, or support the band by purchasing the album on Bandcamp.

Last modified: January 21, 2018