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Jacksonville’s very own Boysin kicked off the stacked show; definitely a great band to check out if you like something in the middle of Balance & Composure and Can’t Swim. It’s good emo with an indie twist and they recently kicked off the new year right by releasing an album very early this year, Still Small, which came out January 9th, “Leave” being one of my favorite tracks.

I must say that ADJY is not only one of the most interesting bands I’ve ever seen, but also one of the most creative. With an array of instruments they really took their performance to a whole new level including a synth, accordion, xylophone, horns, and harmonica. It was passionate set that was full of energy and they did a fantastic job of capturing the venues attention and holding it. I honestly fell in love their song “Grammatology“, which had an incredible performance, and unless you had seen it, it is extremely hard to describe. It brings back flashes of Disney’s Toy Story as part of the song includes the use of a Speak & Spell toy. If that was not unique enough, another part features the band picking up books they brought along with them and reading lines from them as they continue to they their instruments. I don’t want to spoil this awesome performance for anyone so here is the audio. But if you do want to get a better idea of what I mean, here is a live clip of the song.

Rozwell Kid is one of my absolute favorite bands to see live, and I promise they are not the band you want to miss out when they play your city. Their set is another one of those where you have to be there to experience it. As good as their music is, that is only half of the show: the other half is watching them literally rip and shred. They are such goofs but their music goes off, and they give the set their all and so much more. Their signature corny and interesting lyrics they honestly stole my heart with their feel good music. Their newest release, Precious Art, which dropped in the summer of 2017, could not have a more fitting name. Thankfully they they played bangers off that album like “Futon” and the forever catchy “Wendy’s Trash Can,” which honestly made my night. And of course they threw in some oldies off Too Shabby, including one of my all-time favorites “Halloween 3.5.” I have nothing but love for this band and honestly hope they never stop doing what they love, simply because it is such a blast seeing them on stage.

Although The World is A Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die is a rather large band in the scene, unfortunately I am a little late to the party in terms of getting to see them. Regardless, it was incredible to see such a big band in a small intimate venue. The light plucking picked up with a steadier rhythm as the lyrics kicked in for “Heartbeat in the Brain,” followed by incredible drumming. Besides that, they played other classics like “I Can Be Afraid of Anything“, “The Word Lisa” and of course they shred through “Getting Soda.” As if their performance couldn’t get any better, they changed things up a bit. Jeremy Hunters, better known to the internet as Ska Tune Network for their ska covers, met the band through a friend Sim Morales (Insignificant Other) and was given to the opportunity to play alongside TWIABP. They joined TWIABP on stage and played the trombone for “January 10th 2014,” and “Heartbeat in the Brain.” Not only is Jeremy extremely talented, but they have a fantastic stage presence. Check out their TWIABP cover! With the release of their newest album, Always Foreign, just a few months before the show, they gave us a taste of their new material; this included “Fuzz Minor“, “Infinite Steve“, and “Marine Tigers” in which Jeremy played trombone again. My favorite though of the new songs played that night had to be “Dillon And Her Son.” Definitely a band worth seeing, they did an amazing job with a passionate performance.

Last modified: January 28, 2018