Photo Showcase: Hippo Campus Fall Tour ft. Remo Drive – 11/09 @ The High Dive Gainesville'Written by | Headlines, Photo Showcase

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Although I’ve only seen them once thus far, I am almost certain that Remo Drive is a band that I would not grow tired of. There is literally no point in denying that I listen to their album Greatest Hit, a very fitting title, practically every day. There is something so catchy just about the beats from their songs like “Art School” and “Strawberita;” and with lyrics just as catchy, it is so hard not to love them. Their band chemistry was obvious as they goofed around and made jokes on stage. As of now, drummer Sam Mathys is definitely one of my favorite people to see performing.  Not only did he really go in on songs, but took breaks every now and then to dance the Macarena and give out a round of high-fives. They played my favorites “I’m My Own Doctor” and “Crash Test Rating,” so I still pretty stoked about that. A their set went on, Remo Drive had the crowd in the palm of their hands, proving to be a great opener for the night. But what really got the crowd going was their cover of “When You Were Young” by the Killers. It was just overall a really fun set. And of course they closed out with their banger: “Yer Killing Me,” and the crowd loved it. I have extremely high hopes for Remo Drive and am keeping my fingers cross for them, because they are so talented, I can’t wait to see where they’ll go next. It was really good to see how many people give the band compliments as they cleared their gear off stage.

The lights then dimmed and transition to softer tones of purple and orange aesthetic hues as Hippo Campus hit the stage. The softness of the lights mixed well with the smooth blend of instruments and Jake Luppen soothing vocals. The crowd loosened up as they danced and swayed to the rhythm of jams like “Suicide Saturday.” They managed to pull the crowd in every more as they began playing “Monsoon,” a hush fell over the crowd as the first few notes fell. But soon they picked things back up and really got the crowd going with catchy bops like “South” and “Buttercup” as everyone clapped along to beat and sang, the small venue coming alive once again. With their release of their album Landmark earlier in 2017, it was great to hear some of my favorites live. But it is extremely important to note that Hippo Campus is beyond talented. It is almost uncanny how good they sound live when comparing their performance to the studio versions; it always has you wishing you were back at the show getting lost in one of their lulling songs. Don’t worry; they didn’t forget! They closed out their set the right way, playing “Violet,” getting the crowd going for one last time before the night came to an end.

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