Photo Showcase: X Ambassadors – 11/09 @ The University of Florida

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On the cool crisp November night the wind blew through the open field where the show was being held, but Real Estate’s beach vibes provided warmth for the crowd as people got down to their groovy rhythm. The easy going sound of their song “Darling” almost seems to take you back to a Woodstock like era. Their sound shifted a bit when their set list hit “Black Lake” as the sound got a little darker, but still just as dreamy. Overall they were a really good and easy going opener.

As known as X-Ambassadors talented is, I must still say I was extremely blown away. They opened their show with a bang, jumping straight into their fast paced song “Jungle.” Not only did songs like “Torches” and “Ahead of Myself” showcase Sam Harris’ vocals, but the bands performance overall proved that nothing was impossible for him as he played the guitar, bass, drums, and sax throughout other songs. Their song “Lowlife” was introduced with hint at the college culture of staying out too late with friends, the night being a blur and sleeping through class. As if their set list was not good enough already; the band played two new songs: “Stay” and “Joyful.” Lead singer Sam Harris then hinted at more new material saying “new record coming real soon.” And followed it up by saying that it is some of their favorite stuff that they have ever done and how proud he is. Just a few weeks before their performance here, the University of Florida had a guest speaker who is pretty much on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to exclusivity. Sam Harris briefly touched on white supremacist Richard Spencer’s visit to campus, giving a shout-out to everyone who came out to protest, stating that the band will always be there as an allies. Saying that we should be “celebrating our differences, what makes us unique and beautiful. That you do not have to be afraid, don’t let anyone tell you different.” Which is best exemplified by band member Casey Harris, the keyboardist who is blind; another important reminder that the music scene should always be and remain inclusive. They then followed up the speech by their song “Renegades.”As their set came to an end, they saved the best for last. For the encore X-Ambassadors played their hit “Unsteady,” during which the crowd became illuminated with a sea of phones as everyone held theirs up in the air swaying along to Adam Levin’s smoothing rhythmic drumming.

Last modified: January 12, 2018