Album Review: Tonight Alive – Underworld

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Hailing from good ol’ Australia – Tonight Alive have released their 4th studio album TODAY!

Gearing up for the release of Underworld – front woman, Jenna McDougall, said “[the album] is a record about meeting and making peace with your dark side. Writing it required a journey into the uncharted territory of the Shadow Self; all that has been neglected and abandoned. It’s essence says that ultimately our deepest healing happens in the most painful periods of our life”. With that, I was more than ready to dive head first into this killer album.

I’ll never forget the first time seeing and meeting Tonight Alive – it was years ago as they were opening for The Story So Far in a tiny Brooklyn venue, and the whole time I just remember thinking – “Holy shit, these guys are gonna be huge”.  They had already made a name for themselves in Australia but were just starting to get their feet wet here in the states. Jenna is an incredible front woman – her stage presence is unforgettable and her energy literally radiates off her. She has – by far – one of the strongest voices in the scene. But Tonight Alive is so much more than just having a female lead them – they are a creative family that has grown so much [as musicians and individuals] and that shows throughout Underworld.

Underworld starts off with the song “Book Of Love” – from an outsider first glance you can easily say this song is gonna be some sappy love song but then you press play and you hear the harder riffs and the sharpness of Jenna’s voice and it immediately send chills down your spine. The tracks, Temple, “Disappear” [Ft. Lynn Gunn of PVRIS] and “Crack My Heart“, were previously released with music videos to boot. These 3 songs really highlight the themes of this album and give you a full circle of emotions in such a short time period. With “Temple” you feel the frustration and anger that is often found in everyones ‘dark side’ whereas in “Disappear“, you get the softer, lost feeling outlined with a sense of hope. And then with “Crack My Heart” you feel the frustration and lost but also the acceptance of all these feelings [and everything in between].

Further on down the album we get “Burning On” and “Waiting For The End” – talk about motivation songs. Tonight Alive really are all about being good people and promoting a positive message and letting their fans know that it’s ok to not be ok, and we all have pasts that we may not necessarily be proud of but those things don’t define our future and who we can become. We all have a chance to step out of the darkness and welcome the light but at the same time – it’s ok to be in the darkness if that means it helps us figure out where we need to go.

Finally we have to talk bout the title track – “My Underworld” Ft. Corey Taylor of Slipknot. First of all this duo shouldn’t work in the typical sense – but then again nothing about this album is typical. Corey and Jenna’s voices compliment each other ever so nicely and bring out things you’ve never quite heard before [from both of them]. This song is honestly the perfect way to conclude this album – it wraps up all the emotions this album has brought out of you and kind of puts them to rest.

You can get Tonight Alive‘s album, Underworld on Vinyl, Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes. Or if you want to hear and see the life they put into their music, you can check them out on tour NOW with Silverstein and Broadside in the U.S. or this March with Roam and The Gospel Youth in the UK

Last modified: January 12, 2018