12 Days Of Punkmas: Day 9

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4 days until Christmas…this is usually when the second wave ‘please let this holiday just be over already’ comes in. No more shopping, no more wrapping, no more screaming baby Santa pictures. Put up the rest of the decorations or don’t, we don’t care anymore!

Day 9 Tracks:

Set It Off – “This Christmas (I’ll Burn It To The Ground)”

You can find this track on none other than the Punk Goes Christmas album. This track is just killer – fully embodying the frustration that the holidays bring. We all reach a point where we threaten to just throw all the gifts into the fire or [if you’re a parent] tell your kids that Santa is skipping this house this year.

Korn – “Kidnap The Sandy Claws”

They properly ‘Korned-up’ this classic song from Nightmare Before Christmas [featured on the Nightmare Revisited album]. This song was already creepy but Korn really elevated a fan favorite song from the film.

Blink 182 – “Won’t Be Home For Christmas”

We all do it – how do we get out of having to go home for the holidays and deal with family. For those of us who can’t find a good enough excuse – booze usually helps ease the annoyance. Good luck.


Last modified: December 21, 2017