12 Days of Punkmas: Day 8

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It’s coming down to the wire now – we have 5 days until Christmas and I really don’t feel super Christmasy. Now comes the time people are trying to put up the last of the holiday decorations, picking out the final items and planning who’s house they’ll be having the big Christmas dinner at. If you aren’t quite feeling the Christmas Spirit as you’d hope to be – hopefully these tracks will get you there.

Day 8 Tracks:

Rise Against – “Making Christmas

Hands down one of my favorite tracks off the album Nightmare Revisited. Rise Against are one of the most down to earth group of guys who genuinely care about the world and all of those who inhabit it. Having these guys put a harder spin on this Disney classic was simply awesome.

Simple Plan – “Christmas Everyday

I don’t think it’s possible for these guys to put out a track that people won’t be singing along to – especially since this is the second holiday track by them on this list. This is such a fun song to just bop along to.

Steven Smith – “Christmas Face

If you grew up back when TRL [original] was still on MTV and Fuse still had killer music shows like Steven’s Untitled Rock Show and later talk shows like, The Sauce – then you definitely know Steven Smith. 10 years ago Steven gave us this gem, and thanks to the internet, we shall never forget! [Just wait until you hear his Valentine’s Day song]

We got 5 days until Christmas and 4 days left of this list – so strap in, we got this.

Last modified: December 20, 2017