12 Days of Punkmas: Day 6

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Featured Image: Album Cover for Punk Goes Christmas

Day 6 – Half way there! Something you learn while going through a mass amount of pop-punk Christmas and Holiday songs is that there are 4 main themes: covers of classics, originals about hating the holidays, originals about hating/missing your ex around the holidays & loving holidays because of all the stuff you get. So let’s go with ‘originals about hating/missing your ex around the holidays’ for today’s feature.

Day 6 Tracks:

Yellowcard – “Christmas Lights

This is one of those songs that took a minute for me to thoroughly enjoy. Being a huge Yellowcard fan [rip], you want to love everything one of your favorite band puts out – and to be honest, I couldn’t stand this song when it first came out, but over the years it’s really grown on me. This track really taps into new emotions that you don’t normally get in touch with during this time of the year – plus the music video is honestly one of the most creative videos I’ve seen in a while. Of course it’s off the Punk Goes Christmas [because that album is seriously killer]. Check it out let me know if you feel/felt the same as I did when it first came out.

The Maine – “Santa Stole My Girlfriend

The Maine put out an holiday EP […And A Happy New Year] 9 years ago and keeping up with the demand from fans, they’ve released a new holiday EP this year […And To All A Good Night]. “Santa Stole My Girlfriend” is just a fun track and yes, Santa was in fact a bitch for stealing their girlfriend.

New Found Glory – “Ex-Miss

Off the album, It’s A Punk Rock Christmas [another killer album]. I don’t know if it’s possible for NFG to release any garbage tracks – “Ex-Miss” definitely keeps with the tone of their discography and doesn’t feel artificial, just festive.

Don’t feel so down about being single during the holidays – think of all the money you saved because you didn’t have to worry about buying them presents. And as far as New Years goes – just grab another single stranger – boom, new best friend.

Last modified: December 18, 2017