12 Days Of Punkmas: Day 5

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Day 5…Day 4 may have been a little rough for you, available reasons include [but are not limited to]: you were reminded you were alone this holiday, you were reminded you’re too broke to give everyone what they want this year, you almost got into 6 car accidents on your way to the stupid mall because every jackass is on the road and  you had to use all of your self control to not take a swing at the lady who stole the last pair of PINK leggings from your hands that your sister/girl/daughter just *HAS* to have…It was a less than perfect day to say the least; but now it’s a new day, you’ve had time to take a breath [and a drink].

BUT it’s now day 5 of 12 Days of Punkmas and the holiday cheer is back on! Now is usually the time that *normal* people start getting their [real] Christmas trees and enough time has passed from the last snow fall that people start saying foolish things like “I hope we have a white Christmas” -> Stop it. Stop saying these things unless you’re going to get up early and shovel.

ANYWAY here are the tracks for Day 5:

Cartel – “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

If you’ve ever gone to a Xmas Tree lot/farm – some version of this song plays…..tirelessly. Honestly, I enjoy this take on a holiday classic…..andddddd maybe we’ll even get a Christmas Miracle of a new album in the making in the coming year from these guys? Maybe? Please?

Panic! At The Disco – “White Christmas

I mentioned it earlier in this post, did you really think it wouldn’t be featured? This cover is just fun and speaks about the kind of person Brendon Urie is – hint: he’s fun; he has fun. This “White Christmas” rendition has such a Hawaiian vacation feel mixed with the 10 seconds of “Jiggle Bells” at the end? Brilliant. This version I wouldn’t mind listening to 12 1/2 times a day [we all have our limits].

Man Overboard – “Father Christmas

Ah, the other Christmas song that plays relentlessly while picking out a tree. Once you have real bills this song speaks to you on a personal level about what you really want every Christmas – seriously, I’ll even take a check. Featured on the Punk Goes Christmas album – it’s a cute song, you can’t help but move to it and sing along as you tell your partner to just pick a damn tree already! – and then proceed to hand over $70 for a giant plant that will be on the front lawn in 2 weeks.

Stay warm as you pick out your trees! – and wish the tree care takers well as they hold onto the remainder of their sanity listening to these songs 30 times a day.


Last modified: December 17, 2017