12 Days Of Punkmas: Day 3

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Day 3 of 12…it’s a weird middle ground right now – half of your friends are out shopping, the other half are either sad or happy that they don’t have a special someone to buy stuff for. Which means I got no idea what type of music to put in for the next 2 days. It’s a bit early to have super Christmas songs – but it’s never too early to feel alone during the Holidays. So get ready for some ups and downs the next 2 days

Day 3

Good Charlotte – “Christmas By The Phone”

This year Good Charlotte has put out a holiday EP [A G.C. Christmas] – this track is off Part 1. It defiantly speaks to you if you’ve ever stayed in a relationship that should have ended in June but you stuck it out until mid-October and by then you realized you either had to end it or stay so you wouldn’t have to be alone during the holidays.

The Maine – “Ho Ho Hopefully”

This gem is off the Maine’s Holiday EP – …And a Happy New Year, released in December of ’08 [talk about a throw back]. While this EP was released 9 years ago and the video was posted 5 years ago…the internet never forgets….with that said enjoy John’s emo flippy hair in their official music video for “Ho Ho Hopefully”.

Real Friends – “I Had A Heart”

Punk Goes Christmas really is a killer album, it’s crazy to think it came out 4 years ago. The album features tracks from All Time Low, Crown the Empire and of course Real Friends. The first time I ever covered Real Friends they were opening for Senses Fail in a tiny NYC venue – they’ve come a long way since then and since this track but it’s nice to look back on where they came from.

Well today was a slight rollercoaster of emotions. I’m not gonna lie to you, tomorrow may take you on a similar trip.



Last modified: December 15, 2017