LPX at Neon Gold Record’s Holiday Pop Shop, Baby’s All Right

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Putting on a show that I’ll never forget, Lizzy Plapinger, otherwise known by her project LPX, stunned audiences during her headlining show hosted by Neon Gold Records at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on 12/12/17. This show was a whirlwind of celebrations; Neon Gold– the influential indie pop label Lizzy founded that boasts artists such as Marina and the Diamonds and Charlie XCX— was turning 10 years old, her solo project after MSMR, LPX, had an eventful year after touring with artists such as RAC and Haim, and now she was preparing to release her debut EP Bolt In The Blue in January. Excitement filled the air as the crowd assembled to see LPX in her last show of the year, and for many, this would kick off their holiday celebrations in the most incredible way.

Taking the stage in jumpsuits of various colours, Lizzy and her band kicked off the set with nothing but high energy– setting the tone for the performance. The whole set was filled with dancing, hairflips, and even some good ‘ol fashioned rrrioting as she covered El Tigre‘s “Deceptacon“. The entire performance was other worldly as Lizzy oozed the confidence and energy she’s known for– each song getting more intense than the last as the crowd sang and jumped along. I couldn’t even stand still as I heard the guitar riffs to “Tightrope” urge me to dance. By the time the final song was upon us, the venue was packed with fans mesmerized and energized by the performance, and by then, Lizzy had removed half of her jumpsuit as her “goal has always been to perform so hard [she] pukes”; with how hard she was going, she was getting close. The entire set was one hell of a way to end the year, and even more of a way to celebrate the many accomplishments of this immensely talented individual. LPX puts on one hell of a show as Lizzy has found her voice as a solo artist, and with her incredible talent and artistic vision, she is on the rise to take over 2018 with Bolt In The Blue.

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Last modified: January 21, 2018