Artist You Should Know: Gigi Rowe

Nostalgia is running so high with this Artist You Should Know feature for Miami-based pop artist – Gigi Rowe.

If Back To The Future were a person it’d be Miss Gigi Rowe. While some would say she was born in the wrong decade, I think she’s the perfect pebble to make just the right ripples in a sea of carbon copy pop stars. The first track – “Got That” – off her EP Stardust Motel, is like a glorious mix of Cyndi Lauper with the likeness of Jem with just a pinch of “Like A VirginMadonna sprinkled on top. The song will – not surprisingly – be featured in the popular interactive video game, Just Dance, in 2018. Just Dance is known for featuring in modern pop songs from Britney Spears and Katy Perry but especially 80s & 90s classics like “Eye Of The Tiger” and “Girls and Boys” – so it came as no surprised when it was announced that Gigi Rowe would be a featured artist. What’s better than having a throw back than having a modernized throw back artist? The official music video for “Got That” premiered back in October with the tone of the video being the proper ‘not so subtle’ hint that her music will live on forever in the form of the one of the most popular games across multiple generations.

Gigi’s debut track “Run The Night” should have been a clear indication that we’ve got something pretty incredible stepping out into the music scene. It’s fun, it’s pop – it just makes sense to be a hit both in the underground and mainstream pop scene. The Official music video keeps the focus on the song itself; it doesn’t complicate things with trying to tell an in-depth storyline around the song – they just let the track speak for itself.

Her 4-track EP Stardust Motel can be found on Spotify & Soundcloud and it just leaves one feeling by the end – we want more. Check out her music  – fall back into the 80s and 90s, break out the scrunchies, head to the thrift store to put together a killer glam-rock outfit & just have fun. The world is too serious sometimes – take a break from it with Gigi Rowe.


Last modified: December 4, 2017