Song Review: Watch For Horses – “San Junipero”

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(Words by Austyn Castelli)


  Watch For Horses has a defined sound that sets them apart from the heavily electronic-influenced pop music that has been saturating the airways as of late. With their new single, “San Junipero“, the So-Cal band melds rhythmic diversity with old school production and instrumentals. The song itself has definite California surfer rock influences with bouncy vocal melodies that hearken to bands like The Postelles. Think The Beach Boys with a little more rock and less barber shop-style harmonies. The lead guitar moments in the single are smooth and dreamy, while the drums are grounded but decidedly retro.

The song, as its name suggests, was influenced by an episode of the TV show Black Mirror called “San Junipero”. The episode itself is a amalgamation of 80’s aesthetics, dystopian sci-fi, and a romantic drama. Watch For Horses‘ song of the same name centers around the experiences of the characters in the show and the emotional moments and situations depicted in it. The soft, almost trance-like tone of the song is not only reminiscent of the tropical island location that the show in set in, but also the era that the stylistic elements of the scenes are meant to emulate.

San Junipero” is one of those songs that you could picture yourself swing dancing to or singing along to while driving. Depending on how you listen to it, it can be romantic, calming, fun, or energizing. The production of the song accomplishes something that is rare in mainstream music; malleability. Generally speaking, there is no wrong or inappropriate venue for a song such as this one. It would feel just as at home being played at a wedding reception as it would be at a dingy rock club. It’s a balance of energy, rhythm, melody, and tone that combines to make something that is likely to be universally appreciated.

Last modified: November 30, 2017