Song Review: R E L Stuns with “Consciousness”

(Words by Austyn Castelli)

Arielle Sitrick, better known by the name of her project, R E L, has an undeniably intriguing sound. Her sound has been dubbed “Evoca-Pop”, a term used by the artist to describe both the genre of the music as well as the thematic elements. R E L‘s music encapsulates aspects of traditional pop, electronic, indie, and alternative music. With the latest single, “Consciousness“, the singer-songwriter presents an inner dialogue that seems to radiate within spaces that are so neatly carved out within the production of the song. The track is held together by breathy, soft, and strong vocal lines while bouncing beats and crisp percussive affects lead the song in and out of its moments of tension and excitement. The melodies in “Consciousness” are satisfying, with soaring notes within the choruses and rhythmic lines that build tension during the verses. The single is bookmarked by spoken lines of “Where am I now?” and “Who am I now?” that echo into the landscape of the music.

During the climactic moments of the choruses, there is a humming used to accentuate certain bass tones gives “Consciousness” a grit that contrasts the smooth polish of the vocals and synth parts. Producer Robot Koch plays with depth, distortion, and beat throughout the track. At times the backing parts sound like they’re shimmering, at other times they come off powerful and solid. Often times modern pop songs can become dense and overproduced, leaving little space within the mix to create depth and perspective. This is certainly not the case with “Consciousness“, which is the first single to be released from R E L‘s upcoming three-part visual album, entitled EVOCA-POP. Music fans are already enthralled with R E L, who’s online presence has garnered millions of streams and plays on Spotify since her musical debut in 2015 and “Consciousness” feels like an exciting departure from R E L‘s past singles that may very lead to a mainstream breakthrough.

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Last modified: November 21, 2017