New Music Monday: The World Over Releases Their Acoustic ‘Ventifact’ EP

This week for New Music Monday, we have LA-bases rockers The World Over with their freshly released acoustic EP, Ventifact. The trio of  Tiaday Ball (vocals, and fun fact: granddaughter of Ernie Ball), Ryan Knecht (guitar), and Juan Arguello (bass), created the fan-inspired EP as an acoustic reimagining of their previous EP release, Mountains. After having gained the critical acclaim that then led to them touring internationally, it was only natural to mirror a previous release in their larger 2017 image. Speaking to the relationship between Mountains and Ventifact, Tiaday explains;

Mountains changed a lot things for the better within the band, changing our sound completely to cast a wider net to music listeners all the while trying to sound unique, heavy, and inspired. We feel as if it was a new beginning for us and we wanted to honour that with an acoustic re­imagining of it, taking it one step further. Ventifact came together very smoothly and naturally being the first original music we’ve ever self produced. Each song is meticulously crafted to sound fresh but also familiar.

As opposed to Mountains‘ heavy hitting blend of metal and hard rock, Ventifact is a more groove-centric piece that would convince you that the creators of these two EPs were two different bands entirely. Ventifact is a fully fleshed out acoustic EP– where other bands may just rerecord songs with an acoustic guitar or just “stripped”, The World Over takes the term “reimagining” to heart and makes a completely new song with each and every track. Each song is fully realized and sounds like they are their own release– rather than a reimagining, which is a sign of a successful reinvention. The EP absolutely soars, as the band’s versatility and talent is showcased wonderfully as they break genres but still managing to hold on to their sonic sound. Tracks like the lead single “Traitor” maintain their initial strength, but their tone is completely transformed; “Traitor” changes from an angry revenge sex anthem, to something a bit more seductive and dare I say celebratory. Tiaday’s vocals are absolutely hypnotizing on Ventifact and its her ability as a vocalist that allows the EP to stand alone in its own strength and power, even though the sound is much softer to its older sibling. It’s no wonder, after having listened to this EP, that Alternative Press named Tiaday as one of the Top 100 Women in Music in 2017– and after such a sucessful year, you should expect to see a lot more or her and The World Over in the years coming.

So check out Ventifact wherever you get your music (I highly recommend listening to each track against their counterpart from Mountains), and if you like what you hear, be sure to follow The World Over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and their website.

Last modified: November 20, 2017