New Music Alert: My Enemies & I

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Post Hardcore new comers My Enemies & I are teasing the hell out of fans with three singles of their debut full-length album, The Beast Inside [set to drop Friday Nov. 3].

Originally from Richmond, VA – My Enemies & I have been picked up by Fearless Records and have turned heads at Alternative Press, Loudwire, and The PRP with there 2015 EP: Sick World. Now just days away from the release of their full length record [The Beast Inside], we here at Babetalk have the three released tracks on repeat.

Riot” was the first song released to fans – a smart move on their part, as it’s an instant blood raiser. Fast paced, hard cords & profanity – I can feel my mother’s eye roll and judgmental sigh as I add the track to my Spotify playlist. “Riot” has such a theatrical feel – I’m waiting for it to be featured in a party/destruction scene of Hollywood’s latest flick. In less than 4 minutes, My Enemies & I have made me want to go out and start a riot. This song can be put against Three Day Grace’s song, “Riot” – both create emotions in the listeners; one an iconic piece from an iconic group, the other well on it’s way to being remembered for the ages.

ME&I were quick to keep fans wanting more when they released another teaser track – “The Game”. A WWE intro worthy song hands down – I’m listening waiting for Cesaro or Dean Ambrose to come busting through my door. The lyrics seem simplistic but they are a prime example that you don’t need fancy words to hold meaning – to invoke a feeling you may not be used to.

As the release date quickly approaches, why not throw out one more song to the hungry fans – “Perfect”. This belongs in a horror movie, point blank. Many people have such a negative feeling when underground bands get their work picked up to be in a more mainstream setting – but honestly when you produce magic, it should be treated as such. It’s a killer track [also instantly available when you pre-order The Beast Inside]. It has a pretty nostalgic feel because it feels like this should have been created in 10+ years ago when the making [and remaking] of horror movies was just starting to rev its engine.

The more I listen to My Enemies & I the clearer it is that these guys aren’t just musicians, they’re artists. Everything they do [everything they put out], they do it for a reason; their actions aren’t an afterthought and neither is their music. Their debut full-length album, The Beast Inside comes out this Friday [Nov. 3] and best believe we’ll be putting out a review as soon as the album drops. For now, get lost in the available tracks below & pre-order The Beast Inside on ITunes.


Last modified: October 30, 2017