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Party Nails started the show the right way, with some feel good music. Their synthy sound immediately made you want to dance with its catchy 80s vibes similar to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” Even the heartbreakers on the set list like “Break” had a fun, spunky sound. I loved Elana Belle Carroll’s energy, it was empowering, fun and confident. The one woman show brought Somme along on tour, who did a fantastic job holding it down on bass. Her EP Come Again, is so good, I’ve had it on repeat for quite some time now, “Come Again” and “Blow Me Away,” being my favorites. As her set came to a close, I heard someone in the crowd describe Party Nails’ sound as “groovy,” which is very accurate. Besides performing, Party Nails has recently advertised that she “will be teaching a Beats by Girlz class this fall! Ableton Live for girls and trans youth (8-16 years old).” Elana can be contacted at for those interested or visit  for more information. Definitely a great away to promote an more diverse and inclusive scene.

Released on the first day of tour, Lights dropped her latest album Skin & Earth— talk about a way to kick off a tour! Alongside the album, she released a comic series which is both illustrated and written by Lights herself, as seen in the music video for “Skydiving,” to which she with opened her set. In fact, all of her newest music videos either follow the story of the comic or actually show parts of the comic within them; those being “Giants”, “New Fears” and “Savage” – she performed all three. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which corporations rule, and circles around main character Enaia Jin’s search for hope in hopeless world. The comic, although not surprising, seems to be quite influential. After the show a handful of girls cosplaying as the characters – red wigs and all – were taking pictures outside of the venue.  Off the new album, “Savage” is probably one of my favorites due to its darker tune backed by heavy drums and Light’s guitar. Switching between playing guitar and synth, Lights put on a great show, never missing a beat while showcasing her very impressive vocal range. I must also say, that I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone rock red hair better than her. With bright red tone of her hair, the orange jacket and the mix of colorful lighting, it was hard to keep your eyes off of her. Reaching back to her heavy synth roots, she also performed “Flux and Flow” and ended her set with the catchy “Up We Go.

It is hard to believe that this is only PVRIS’ second North American headline tour, as their performance could’ve convinced you otherwise with the way they killed it. As of August, PVRIS is in a completely different era; it is extremely interesting seeing them live now that they have released new material. In the past, PVRIS’ set consisted solely of White Noise, so days before the show, I was already looking forward to see how they ended up working their newest album, All We Know of Heaven,  All We Need of Hell into the setlist. Believe me when I say they did an incredible job, and the band was really surprised by how well the crowd knew the new songs. They opened with “Heaven,” following it up with “St. Patrick,” weaving in and out of new and old material– drawing fans in and keeping them in the palm of their hands as the crowd jumped to the beat. Lynn Gunn and Alex Babinski also slowed down the set with stripped version of “Same Soul” and “What’s Wrong.” What can’t Lynn Gunn do? Besides the usual guitar and vocals, on this tour she plays drums and piano as well, and helped to co-direct all of their newest music videos.  Every time I see PVRIS they just get better and better; not only is there a growth in their music, but also in their stage presence and visuals. They took the stage with quite an impressive set up consisting of street lamp like lights and mirror-like frames that featured snippets of music videos that were in sync to Gunn’s singing. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. What I really admire about the trio is that even though they have gotten quite big within the last two years, they are still some of the most down to earth people– goofing around in between songs with each other and the crew, as well as interacting with the crowd. The biggest change to the set list was that “My House” is no longer the encore song, instead it is “No Mercy,” which happens to be, in my opinion, the best song off the new album; the sing seems to be somewhat rooted in the White Noise sound. Regardless, both songs are played back to back, which ensures fans a powerful set from beginning to the very end. Overall a great girl power line up with a fantastic headliner. I think one of the coolest things about this tour is the fact that PVRIS is emphasizing the need for and the importance of concerts being safe spaces, and therefore they are working together with the Ally Coalition, as well as donating portions of ticket sales to their cause. Read up on some more information here and sign up to volunteer for the Ally Coalition here.

Last modified: October 22, 2017