Album Review: Punk Rock Halloween Compilation- Loud, Fast & Scary

Compilation CD’s are one of the best ways to get exposed to new music and exclusive tracks; and they’ve become a sort of staple within the punk-rock/pop-punk community – especially when they have seasonal themes. So it should come as no surprised that we were all over the Punk Rock Halloween comp record – featuring exclusive tracks from some of the best in the scene; including Reel Big Fish, 999,, Buck-O-Nine, Naked Aggression, The Adolescents plus 21 other killer artists.

The record opens up with Reel Big Fish’s “Evil Approaches”. Besides loving Reel Big Fish because they are one of the most iconic Ska-Punk bands around, they are such a ‘dad-band’ complete with dad jokes, dad dance movies and a dad approach to this track. There’s no doubt these guys love the scene that they’ve been apart of for decades and take great care in creating their music. This track perfectly describes how Reel Big Fish would celebrate Halloween – putting their all into it, not taking themselves too seriously but just having a damn good time kicking your feet up in the pit.

The way this album is put together, from an outside look it doesn’t seem like it should work but it actually does flow pretty nicely. Starting with the blood flowing, leg-pumping style of Reel Big Fish into the fast pace, head banging of The Adolescents shouldn’t work in theory but it does – brilliantly. The Adolescents got straight to the point with their track “Black Kiss” – it’s fast, it’s edgy and it gets your heart pumping.

Moving through the album you have Calabrese with “Voices of the Dead”; which I love solely because of how great the chorus is – it’s fantastically catchy and will effectively be stuck in my head for the remainder of the day. Though this track came out about a decade ag, that doesn’t take away from it’s simplistic brilliance and relevance to this compilation.  They don’t complicate the track with having to veer off in a direction that makes no sense as to who they are as musicians.

Going from the head bumping and ska dancing, why not throw in a spooky luau – cause that’s exactly what you get with The Independents’s “Isabella”. This track has such a nostalgic feel to it. Listening to it, I’m waiting to see Scooby and the gang chase down a bad guy in a scary mask. With classic guitar riffs draped in a smooth, feathered voice this was what was missing from one of my favorite childhood cartoons – and if a Scooby Doo vibe track doesn’t scream ‘instant Halloween classic’ then I don’t know what does.

I could sit here and describe why you should listen and love every track but honestly that would just ruin the surprise of discovering new music for yourself. When it comes down to it, this whole record needs to make it into your multi-CD player right next to ‘Monster Mash’ for your next Halloween Party. If this is what the ‘Punk Rock’ Comps have given us for Halloween, honestly I’m beyond stoked for their Christmas album.

Track List

1. Reel Big Fish – Evil Approaches

2. The Adolescents – Black Kiss

3. 999 – Everyday’s Like Halloween

4. The Riverboat Gamblers – Cheap Masks

5. Ghoultown – By The Lantern Light

6. Anti-Nowhere League – Dance Of The Dead

7. Calabrese – Voices Of The Dead

8. Dwarves – Devil’s Level

9. One Eyed Doll – Things Of Darkness

10. Buck-O-Nine – Don’t Be Afraid

11. The Members – Jack The Ripper

12. Guttermouth – Ain’t Life A Bitch

13. UK Subs – I Walked With A Zombie

14. Down By Law – Rip It Off

15. JFA – From The Neck Up

16. Sylvain Sylvain – There’s Something Wrong

17. The Coffin Daggers – Wake Up Screaming

18. Walter Lure – Black Cat Woman

19. The Freeze – Among The Missing

20. The Vibrators – Creatures Of The Night

21. The Independents – Isabella

22. Super Heroines – The Beast

23. Peligro – Halloween

24. Naked Aggression – Trending In Blood

25. Dead Cat Lounge – Candy Kills

26. Bankrupt – Endless Halloween

27. 800 Octane – Heart Of The Dark

Last modified: October 27, 2017