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Skunkape opened the show with a bit of a darker reggae vibe, heavy on the bass as heard best in their song “Just Swim.” They do have some lighter tracks like “One Way”, showcasing guitarist, Ken Hill’s, raspy vocals which contrasts great with Taylor Johnson’s higher pitch. It appears though that they’re not even close to being done with doing big things; Skunkape will be opening for The Super Villains next month at the High Dive.

Influenced by bands like Sublime and Dirty Heads, Central Florida’s Propaganjah, continued the reggae filled night. This however is not their first run playing with big bands; they recently opened up for Less Than Jake during the second night of their annual Wake n Bake memorial weekend. Backed by a sax,drum kit, and bongo, they really brought a good variety of sound to the mix. Their bongo player, Garrett Riggio, had quite the stage presence– full of energy as he bounced around the stage with a smile on his face. With the aim of a reggae revolution brought by spreading positivity through lyrics they hope to “turn this whole world upside down singing these songs of revolution.”  They released their first single at the beginning of the year called “Road to Somewhere.”

Ballyhoo! drew quite the crowd on a Sunday night, but then again who could blame anyone showing up for some feel good reggae rock to ease into the week? This tour allowed them to showcase their album girls., which was released this past spring.  They stormed the stage with their instrumental “Jameson & Ginger,” asking the crowd to make some noise and then dove into some new songs including “Girls.” and “One in a Million.” They also performed my personal off the album “Mixtape,” which is definitely one for any hopeless romantic. Although the new material has a much more party vibe than older songs like “Battle Cry”, it is backed up by the same talent and feel-good attitude. Whether it be old tracks or new, the crowd was in love as they swayed to the beat, especially during “Blaze This Weed” as they pitched in to help. Ballyhoo! then dug back into 2011 playing tracks off Daydreams like “Walk Away” and even “Cali Girl” off their 2006 Do it For The Money!. Overall, they served up some great tunes and had me reminiscing about the summertime.

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