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If you haven’t heard of Intervention yet, then you’re missing out. Starting out in the South Florida scene and then moving to Jacksonville, they’ve done quite a good job of dominating both ends of Florida. Already having played two hometown South Florida warped dates, and wrapping up an east coast tour, Intervention is on the rise. Just one week before this show they opened for The Story So Far and following this show they opened for Life Lessons. They played songs off their 2016 release Lucid as well as their most recent EP Too Much TV, a set full of emo bangers for those who love Balance and Composure and Turnover. Released in August, Too Much TV was produced by James Paul Wisner who has also worked with Paramore, Dashboard Confessional and many others, so it’s an understatement to say that a lot of talent went into this EP. If you’re in town, don’t miss their FEST performance!

The first time I ever saw A Will Away was about two years ago in a very tiny cramped venue, which unfortunately has closed since then, with no more than thirty people– tonight was very different. This was a much larger venue with many more fans, but the crowd’s enthusiasm for A Will Away and the energy this band brings hadn’t changed a bit. They opened up with songs off of their 2017 release Here Again and breezed through a wonderfully composed set. Matthew Carlson barely stood still on stage as he sang and riffed away on probably one of the coolest guitars I’ve ever seen. They then transitioned to play three songs of their older material from Bliss, which to this day is still one of my favorite releases. Hearing “Play Dead” and “Sitter” definitely brought back a lot of nostalgia and feels of being back home in South Florida. Many of those same people from that night two years ago, came out and even road tripped to this show just to see them, so A Will Away definitely felt the Florida love.

Can’t Swim is a band I’ve been dying to see since I first heard them, and the wait was so worth it. I instantly fell in love with Chris LoPorto’s raspy voice intertwined with their melodic-heavy sound. They opened with “What’s Your Big Idea“, the first track of their newest release Fail You Again, a great opener with its grungy fast paced sound.  Between newer tracks, they backtracked to songs off of Death Deserves A Name, including “Come Home” and “Way It Was.” Just a few days before the show, Can’t Swim released a new song called “God Awful,” and we are so thankful to have been able to hear it live. Closing their set with “Your Clothes“, former drummer, now guitarist, Danny Rico not only played guitar, but tambourine as well. As of 2017, Andrea Morgan has joined the team, always happy to see another badass woman in the music scene. The band stating that “Can’t Swim finally feels complete as a 5 piece.

Boston Manor, the UK Blackpool band gained quite the following when they supported Moose Blood and played Warped Tour; and it seems that our wishes were answered, they came back! While Have Mercy took some day off from tour, Boston Manor had their first American headline show alongside these other very talented bands. Boston Manor has been one of my favorite bands for some quiet time so I honestly couldn’t be more honored to have been there to see it– they deserve every good thing that has come their way. They opened with “Burn You Up“, a bitter and aggressive track, where you can literally hear the venom dripping off of the lyrics. After that they dove into “Trapped Nerve“, one of my favorites and the only song they played off of their EP Saude. They followed that up by playing through Be Nothing. jumping into hyped set of mistrust, regret and ache. Their song “Lead Feet” has such a smooth sound that contrasts well with Henry Cox angsty vocals for a killer sound. As the set came to an end with  “Lekia“, they said “the mic is yours” asking anyone to make their way up to the stage as the crowd went hard, stage diving and sharing the mic as they helped Boston Manor close out their set. I have so much love and respect for this band, I can’t wait to see what’s next for them. Don’t sleep on Boston Manor, check them out with Have Mercy— they have some of the coolest tracks around.


Last modified: October 22, 2017