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In yet another showcase of Gainesville’s local talent, alumine started off the show strong; the two piece proving that good things come in pairs. Although Gainesville has quite the array of genres, alumine is rooted in the punk sound that the area is best known for. alumine is making their mark by paving the way to even more diversity outside of Gainesville by staying true to who they are; their Facebook page stating that they “have always and will always be latinx.” Unfortunately, I had never listened to them before this show– do not make the same mistake I made, because now I can’t get enough; “Lele,” off their Self-Titled EP, is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while. They played “antes que supe todo” as well, as found on Whelmed Records Friends and Fam Summer Jam 2017, which isn’t a surprise considering what a jam it is. Along with that they also played three songs that vocalist Alu Soto referred to as “sin título” meaning that they do not have titles, saying “I don’t name songs until I literally have to,” which I’m sure any artist can relate to. Although they may be untitled, they are not any less jam worthy, and it makes me look forward to what alumine has in store next. As the band finished up and began to take down their set, someone in the crowd commented “man I could watch that guy play drums all day” referencing drummer Pedro Sanchez, who absolutely killed it. Do not miss out on their set at FEST!

Superhaunted took the stage next,  starting off with their newest song, “Sidewalks,” the track shows a ton of growth from their older material. They then dove into the noisy riff-full set, the perfect way the end the week. If you’re into some twinkly tunes, then the next one is for you; they slowed down their set with “Wishing Well.” The majority of their set list came off their album No, Nothing, Nevermind, and although it came out in 2014 it is still a banger. Needless to say, these Miami boys are always welcome in Gainesville.

Orlando’s Henrietta closed out the Florida Weekender, kicking off their set with a new song, then drawing in the crowd with “Better Now.” That song, along with “Big Miss Steak“, which they played as well, can be found on the very first Death Protector Collective mixtape, where Henrietta’s music can be found alongside a lot of other great Florida bands. They followed up with a good handful of songs off their album Paper Wings. “Arrows” was probably my favorite song from their set, due to its soothing melody. They ended the night with “Black & Blue“, for which they even have an Audiotree Session for.

Last modified: October 23, 2017