New Music Monday: Long Time Releases “Never Alone”

This week on New Music Monday, we have a special treat for anyone looking for a truly unique rock sound. As of Friday, October 13th, the Boston-based trio Long Time released their first full length record with Medical Records, entitled Never Alone. Growing immensely from their previous releases, be it singles or ep’s, Long Time has come to master their craft, sound, and intention for this monumental release.

Listening to this album, the first thing that struck me was (obviously) their sound. It’s unique in a sense where it takes the mind a few seconds to place everything together, as in theory, each element contributing to any song on the album is so distinct that they shouldn’t work well together. This is of course, in theory, as each element mirrors the band members– coming from seemingly different backgrounds yet somehow making something so smooth, fresh, and unique. The album has an amazing diversity in tone as well– each song occupies its own space, able to stand out yet work within Never Alone harmoniously. When listening, you’ll shift from dark, ambient songs that are hauntingly beautiful, to harder power anthems– all linked together by the bands ingenuity and Singer/guitarist Thomas John Cadrin’s crucial melodic vocals. His voice is the metaphorical thread that makes the album work so well together despite such changes in tone, and further, it will lock you in for the mesmerizing ride.

Personally, standout tracks for me were definitely “River“, “Spoken Ghost“, and “Separation Situation“; each have their own perspective and sound to match, which means that this album has the potential to fit any mood. If picking an absolute favourite, I would have to absolutely go with “River“– the haunting nature of the song feels like the calm before a storm, and of any song to pick as the quintessential opening track (and lead single), Long Time hit the nail on the head when they picked “River“. When speaking about the song, the band has stated “[it’s] about learning how to fully commit yourself to something…to plunge into something fully without reservation or doubt. It’s about the realization that although the pursuit may feel isolating and solitary, we are not alone in it…The song invokes one of the main themes to Joseph Conrad’s, The Heart Of Darkness: “We live as we dream: alone.” But we are together in our aloneness.” With just the single having a concept so grand, evoking one of the most culturally significant novels of our time (it was what Apocalypse Now was based on, after all), you see why this album is one ready to make its mark.

Never Alone is an ambitious album that executed everything it set out to accomplish. With a unique sound and mesmerizing lyrics, it is definitely one to check out and add to your album rotation. Be sure to follow Long Time below, especially if you’re based in MA– you never know when they’ll announce a show in the Boston or nationwide, and they’re a band ready to blow up.


Last modified: October 16, 2017