REVIEW: Frank Iero and the Patience Release “Keep The Coffins Coming”

Here in Northeast, it’s finally starting to feel like fall; the weather is cooling down, bright green leaves are beginning to dull then change, but most importantly– Halloween decorations are in every storefront. To help us enter this spooky time of year, Babetalk legends Frank Iero and the Patience released their vampire-covered EP Keep The Coffins Coming on September 22nd– otherwise known as the first day of fall. Too awesome! As an easter-egg for fans, the band’s name on this release has changed to Frank Iero and The ‘Patients, in light of their accident in Sydney, Australia last year; giving us more of a reason to celebrate this release and that the band is still here and in good health.

Recorded with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey), this album was meant to bridge the gap between their debut album Stomachaches and sophomore release Parachutes. Speaking about the legendary Albini, Frank Iero himself said “I had my bucket list and one of the things on there was to work with Steve Albini…  I wanted to make a Steve Albini record! Paul said he’d call him… [Paul] called him, Steve said he could do it and he had three days… I fuckin’ packed the U-Haul up and drove the band to Chicago. I got to record an EP with my friends and one of my heroes…  It’s everything I wanted it to be. It’s fuckin’ awesome!”. Working with Albini was definitely the right choice for their EP, as the seasoned rock/punk producer definitely made this release hard hitting and as powerful as the artists who recorded with him before.

Keep The Coffins Coming is an amazing punk-rock album that grabs your attention and never lets go. Each song is high energy and abrasive; they embody the spirit of music and further, showcase everything we love about Frank Iero and the Patience. As far as bridging the gap between the two albums; it may seem difficult to release a ‘missing link’ of sorts after the two albums, but Keep The Coffins Coming flawlessly blends the styles of their two LPs, which allows the EP to effortlessly nestle between them. After all, the EP DOES open with a more raw cut of the Parachutes hit “I’m a Mess“. In addition to the alternate version of “I’m a Mess“, the final track is something of a bittersweet surprise; a cover of “You Are My Sunshine“. Definitely unexpected, but the cover turns the sweet song into something new, and the reinvention serves the EP well.

Throughout Keep The Coffins Coming, Frank, Evan, and Matt show us how hard they go as a band, and they certainly made me anxious for new music.

Last modified: September 29, 2017