PHOTO SHOWCASE: Four Year Strong, Seaway, and More

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Words and Images by Rae Lemeshow-Barooshian

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Above what serves as a flea market, bar, and restaurant, I’m not quite sure the upstairs venue at Brooklyn Bazaar was ready for what they were about to hear and see on the night of September 9th. Rolling into the venue was pop-punk favourites Four Year Strong, who were supported by the ever amazing Seaway, along with other bands that undoubtably kept the crowd on its toes and hungry for more. As I was nestled on an amp, ear next to the music and watching crowd surfers close-up, it was hard to resist the insane energy that the show possessed, to which photos do no justice for.

To kick off the night, Life Lessons didn’t hesitate to give us their all. The Oklahoma band played a hand full of highly energetic songs that truly set the tone for the show. The songs were infectious and as people trickled in they could immediately be seen immersed in the crowd, heads nodding along as they cheered for the band. Singer Kaden Birdsong was always as close to the crowd as possible, hyping them up and feeding off their energy along with the rest of the band, which is always a sign of a really solid act. Life Lessons truly started the night off with a bang, and while each act that followed was better than the last, Life Lessons was hard to forget.

Next up for the night was Grayscale, a band that hails from Philly, PA so plenty of us here at Babetalk were already fans. Being that it was an NYC show and the tri-state-area is so connected, positioned front & center of the stage were the huge fans of the band. These fans knew every lyric and were dying from the excitement of seeing their favorite band, and it was very likely that they had probably been supporting them since the beginning. A moment that definitely stood out to me was seeing how connected the fans were as Grayscale performed their song “Beautiful Things“. It was like in that moment we were all one as Frontman Collin Walsh sang alongside those who knew the lyrics– a beautiful moment that I will not forget.

Third in the line up, and subsequently the middle child of all of the acts on this tour, was Like Pacific; a Canadian import ready to show us how hardcore pop-punk is done up north. There’s no way to describe the band other than quite frankly epic. The band was fast, loud, and they certainly kicked off the moshing and crowd surfing of the night. They reminded me of the old basement shows I would attend and how they possessed a raw and unadulterated energy that you just can’t imitate. This energy I love so much… well Like Pacific had it. Seeing them perform was like being back in those basements but with a large scale presence and talent. The band made their mark, and for a show with four opening acts, they kept everyone on their toes.

The final opener in this talent-filled lineup were Babetalk-favorites, Seaway— who just released their music video for “Lula on The Beach” earlier this month. Honestly, despite being a big fan of Four Year Strong, I would be lying if I said that Seaway wasn’t my favorite act of the night. The band was fun– with a capital “F”. It was so fitting that the show was in early September, because Seaway‘s performance made me forget that summer was about to end– their music and presence trapped me in an eternal summer that I didn’t want to leave. The set felt like a party with friends, with charismatic frontman Ryan Locke giving one hell of a performance that sent the jumping crowd into a frenzy. This pop-punk party infused with everything summer truly captured the scene painted by their latest album Vacation (out now), and whether you listen to the album or catch them live, their songs and presence will make you forget that the leaves are falling as you remember only the best summer ever. P.S.– Highly recommend listening to the album with the windows down as you’re driving, preferably with friends; I know it sounds cliché but albums like these are really ones you’re supposed to make memories with.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived, New England’s Four Year Strong took the stage. Not to derail this review, but Four Year Strong has always been a band I had a soft spot for; in high school I listened to them non stop, and so being at this show for my first time seeing them live was kind sentimental for me. I think everyone in the crowd felt the same to a degree, as the tour was actually pt.2 of a tour in celebration of their iconic album Rise or Die Trying turning 10 years old– crazy! In addition to it being a 10th anniversary tour, the band had also released their B-sides/Rarities album Some Of You Will Like This // Some Of You Won’t the day before, so this tour truly was a celebration of Four Year Strong‘s amazing career. Their set was absolutely explosive– and I don’t mean that lightly– at times it seemed like fire was coming out of Dan O’Connor and Alan Day‘s mouths as they sang. Meanwhile, the crowd was going nuts– everyone shouting the lyrics as crowd surfer after crowd surfer rushed the stage. I have never seen a more alive crowd in my life and it had even gotten to the point where I had to abandon my post, having almost been knocked off the stage! It was absolutely nuts in the best ways possible, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Four Year Strong.

So if you haven’t gathered it already, the night was absolutely amazing. Typically I’m wary of shows with three opening acts let alone four, but with the amount of talent in this lineup let alone the energy they possessed, there was never a dull moment or an act I didn’t like. You definitely don’t want to miss this tour, so I’m posting dates below so you can see if the party is coming to a venue near you.


Sept 27 – Cornerstone Berkeley, CA
Sept 28 – Strummers Fresno, CA
Sept 29 – Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA
Sept 30 – Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA
Oct 1 – Teragram Los Angeles, CA
Oct 2 – The Irenic San Diego, CA
Oct 4 – The Nile Mesa, AZ
Oct 6 – Tricky Falls El Paso, TX
Oct 7 – Come and Take It Live Austin, TX
Oct 8 – RBC Dallas, TX
Oct 10 – Zydeco Birmingham, AL
Oct 11 – Masquerade Atlanta, GA
Oct 12 – Crowbar Ybor City, FL
Oct 13 – O’Malleys Margate, FL
Oct 14 – Backbooth Orlando, FL
Oct 15 – Backbooth Orlando, FL
Oct 17 – New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC
Oct 18 – Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC
Oct 19 – Shakas Live Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 20 – Soundstage Baltimore, MD

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