REVIEW: Thousand Foot Krutch – Untraveled Roads (Live)

Coming at you with fire, fury, and a whole lot of guts, Thousand Foot Krutch is back with their new live album, Untraveled Roads (Live), their first since 2011. The energetic album packs a punch, combining hits from their widely acclaimed albums The End Is Where We Begin (2012), Oxygen:Inhale (2014), and Exhale (2016) to make a record that contains some of the best the band has to offer. Never to fear though– while 8 of the the tracks on the album are radio hits, they fit in perfectly with the other offerings on the album to paint a full picture of the band. The record doesn’t sound like a “Best-of”, nor does it ever have a dull moment as it keeps the energy up with catchy, head-banging rock that you’ll surely have on repeat after your first listen.

To be frank for a moment, if you look at my ipod (yes, I still have and use my ipod), you’ll see at most 3 live albums out of the hundreds in my library. My biggest issue with live albums has always been the experience– it’s one thing to see an artist live, but it’s another to listen to a live album or watch a live DVD as a lot of times the energy and talent just doesn’t come through. Some of my favourite artists have put out live albums and in the end I never listen because it never does them justice (and hearing the fans scream gives me FOMO); so believe me when I say I was shocked when I listened to Untraveled Roads… and loved it. So much of the band’s energy came through to where I almost felt like I was there, and the show was good, real good. It was hard to believe at times that the album wasn’t actually a studio recording because Thousand Foot Krutch was THAT GOOD in their live recording– it was remarkable! It becomes clear when listening that this is a band that really loves and utilizes their live show, as well as live recordings; Singer Trevor McNevan even states “The live aspect has always been a big part of who we are as a band, and what people have come to expect from us,” and with even one listen that fact becomes obvious.

Untraveled Roads is by far one of the best live albums I’ve heard in a while– it delivers incomparable energy that makes you feel like you’re in the crowd, while also showcasing the band’s passion and talent. The sound of the album honestly makes you feel powerful; it’s one of those quintessential rock albums containing anthems that make you want to take on the world and even gives you a bit a power in your step during your commute. This album is great for fans of the band, fans of rock, and especially for first time listeners who want to know what these Toronto rockers are all about. Untraveled Roads really does capture the true essence of this band and I’ll be shocked if you’re not listening to this album for days or scouring the web for their next live show in your area soon after as a result.


Untraveled Roads is out THIS FRIDAY, 9/15/17, and you can preorder it HERE







Last modified: September 13, 2017