Album Review: Black Satellite, “Endless”


Coming in hot and heavy today, we have the rock duo known as Black Satellite and their dark rock album Endless. The duo, consisting of Larissa Vale and Kyle Hawken, hale from NYC– a city where in my own experience, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. However, Black Satellite certainly stands out with their bold and brash sound; and when I say they rock, I mean they rock. Hard. Billed as an Alt-Rock band, the band takes you on a journey that is so much more, making it ever-so clear that you’re dealing with two well experienced musicians; it probably explains why after releasing their lead single (and first single in general) “Valkyrie” the duo began playing shows at the iconic, Gramercy Theater.

Listening to the album, I was immediately taken by the strength in Vale’s voice– it was the strength I know and love in groups like GarbageThe Birthday Massacre and Halestorm, to name a few. Her voice is strong, raspy, sexy: it in-itself tells the story of someone who has seen the darkness and is here to tell you about it. Then there’s the amazing instrumentals of “Endless”, which is was truly won this album over for me. The album has a flow, but the sound that Black Satellite brings doesn’t get stale– they know how to incorporate different elements of the genre into each song, and which to highlight to set the mood. They at times sounded industrial, they sounded hard rock, they sounded grunge; but it all flowed in such a way that it was coherent and that’s what made it a truly engaging album. I was able to lay back and listen to their album, and it never felt as static as I was physically– Vale possessed a power that pulsed through my veins, while the music was like the eye of a storm. Calming, yet menacing. If I could describe this album visually, it would be the crackle of thunder and lighting. The sound is as sweet as revenge, and it’s one that is worth all of the acclaim Black Satellite has received.

Produced by Ted Jensen (Muse and Marilyn Manson are but a few of his credits), Endless is a cinematic masterpiece. When you listen to it, and I highly encourage you to listen to it from top to bottom in its entirety, you’re painted a world and that you get to experience with your own personal twist. The album is well produced, well written, and it should be a staple for anyone who loves a well-done rock album with confident fury.

Endless is out now and you can stream it on Spotify HERE, or buy it on iTunes HERE. If you live in the NYC area, keep an eye out for future Black Satellite shows, I know I am, and if their recorded work is any indication, their live shows must be truly something magnificent to witness. If you like what you’ve heard, connect with Black Satellite below to keep up with shows, new music, and their inevitable rise.

Last modified: September 4, 2017