NEW MUSIC MONDAY: The Early Mornings’ Debut is a Call To The Raw Past of Rock

Calling Portland, Maine their home, The Early Mornings are a Twenty-first Century band with a sound reminiscent of the funk and blues of the 70’s. Made up of Singer Brit Martin, Guitarist Andrew LaVogue, Bassist Nicolas Clark (with Alan Fernald playing bass on their debut), and Drummer Jonathon Moore, the band’s debut brings a lot more to the table than is to be expected from a lot of debuts. We here at Babetalk were given the pleasure to listen to their much anticipated album, due out September 2nd, and without any preconceptions in my mind as to the band’s intention or sound, they hit all of the right marks. Immediately I felt transported into another time– as though I was suddenly trapped inside an orange tinted polaroid of a group’s jam session. I closed my eyes, and allowed myself to fall into the music, which allowed tracks like “Heartbreak Parade” and “Prague” to stand out. Brit Martin’s voice is darkly seductive, one that beckons to the listener while being effortlessly cool, and in the before-mentioned tracks, that trait in her voice signs with slower melodies that sound like a literal trip (a good trip, of course). That’s not to say however that the album can’t outright rock– their singles “Phantom” and “Hit The Rewind” have soul, along with riffs that’ll make you bob your head as you feel yourself become one with the sound. The album definitely takes you to different rooms of sound as the band plays with blues, funk, and rock through different tracks of the album. The Early Mornings‘ debut is definitely one with a secure sound, and a confidence of a band not of its time.


Like what you hear? Both singles have officially dropped as of Sunday, so if you’re in the Portland area, keep an ear out while listening to your local stations. Not in Portland? The album is of course out at the end of the week, and it’ll be available for online purchase. Congrats to The Early Mornings on a job well done, and a well executed debut.

Last modified: August 28, 2017