Photo Showcase: Northbound kicks off tour playing a hometown show with friends – 08/13 @ O’Malley’s, South Florida'Written by | Headlines, Photo Showcase

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As much as I love sold out shows in huge venues, argue all you want, nothing beats the energy of a local show. There were plenty of mic grabs, stage dives, and of course a ton of sing-alongs.  Intervention had just come back from their tour with Welcome Home, and Northbound finished their U.K./E.U. run with State Champs a while ago as well, so it was nice to have them all home in one piece to rock O’Malleys. Additionally, this show gave Northbound and The Blonde Tongues the perfect send off for their short, but very sweet tour.

Far Too Young kicked off the show with their trademark high-energy, and I must say they just get better and better. Not only are they always a lot of fun to see, but Joey Sabatino’s voice never fails to amaze me along with his killer dance moves. They played staple songs like “High Strung” and “Babe Ruthless;” which, and I wish I could put this into better words, truly go off. They then slowed down their set with “Gave Enough”; one of their new acoustic songs. Even after the gig ended the show continued, Far Too Young stuck around to play some acoustic songs off their newest release Post Paralysis– an album that does such a good job of showcasing their talent.

Honestly, the talent in South Florida is so underrated; Nick Cappiello is yet another one of South Florida’s amazing vocalists. Back Home opened with two, yet to be named, new songs and killed it; I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’re up to within the next few months. They also played some older songs like “Old Problems” and “Nothing Good” off of their self-titled, which prompted the immediate reaction of long-term fans grabbing the mic and singing along.

Intervention took the stage playing a good handful of songs from Lucid, including my personal favorite “Drained.”  As they introduced a new song, “Blur,” Eric Snow (Joyride.) called “banger alert,” out of the crowd and truer words could’ve not been spoken that night. They played another new song “Too Much TV”, which happens to also be the name of their recent EP, which was dedicated to the girlfriend of Drew Portalatin, the lead singer. Their newest release offers a vibe between Balance and Composure and Turnover. Overall everyone needs some emo jams, and Intervention is your go to band with plenty of riffs to go around for everyone.

This was my first time seeing The Blond Tongues and they left one hell of a good impression by the end of their set. They brought much heavier music to the table, making them stand out in tonight’s lineup. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a local band which so much energy. The lead singer didn’t stand still for a single second, which reminded me so much of Turnstile. With heavy, yet catchy tunes they were a pleasure to see live.

Northbound is definitely up there on my list of favorite bands – and I don’t mean favorite local bands. Whether Northbound goes back to its roots with Jon Fraser and an acoustic guitar, or a full band gig, their performance never ever disappoints. They started off their set one of their new tracks “Fade to Black” off of The Flaws in Everything, even though their set was pretty much flawless. They then dove into older material from Death of a Slug, playing songs like “Leach” and “Actor”. But of course they didn’t leave us hanging with the new tunes– Northbound got a little heavier as they played through “Well Water”. It’s so great seeing a band mature over the years, and the new record shows a ton of growth. Then of course, as their set came to an end, they played the crowd favorite “Lucky Sentimental”, ending their set with a bang just like they had started. Not only has Northbound been putting themselves on the map throughout America and across seas, but also at home; O’Malley’s was packed, everyone was off their feet and singing along, many were stage diving – the energy was amazing.

Last modified: August 30, 2017