Deftones & Rise Against Ft. Thrice – Jones Beach Theater

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Words & Images By: Samantha Odice

While most summers tend to be rather quit other than music festivals and a few major tours here and there, this summer has been overloaded with ‘must-see’ artists announcing shows. One of the most anticipated tours was Deftones and Rise Against featuring Thrice. On June 13, Babetalk was there to soak it in at the gorgeous Jones Beach Theater.

For those who don’t know, Jones Beach Theater sits on the water in New York, and for the most part, outside. The show starting at 6pm meant we got to watch some of the best live bands start in daylight, fade into sunset and end illuminating the night with some of the best lights music fans could ask for.

Thrice started off this incredible night with both new and old songs, including – “Hurricane”, “Black Honey” and “Silhouette”. Feeling the sea breeze complimented their music ever so nicely – the rich, intense lyrics mixed with the calming breath of the ocean air complimented by the theatrical smoke and lighting. The crowd packed in nice and tight, inching closer to their favorite band members. Crowd surfers helped pump up the start of one of the most memorable nights for concert-goers. It’s always amazing to see a band like Thrice that’s been around for decades, even taking a 3 year hiatus, can continue to perform without missing a beat or showing their age. Thrice is a prime example that shows us that in the music world there is no such thing as age, just experience and time to evolve as artists.

As the night pushed on, Rise Against’s set brought us from dusk to nightfall in one of the most explosive performances I’ve ever seen from them. Rise Against holds a special place in my heart simply because they were the first band I ever saw live when they opened up for My Chemical Romance back in the day. If you would have told me back then that I’d be photographing them for the second time in my career I would have called you a filthy liar – but here I was screaming my favorite songs while I captured the moment. They started off their set with “Ready To Fall” – the crowd wasting no time to go completely nuts. Front-man, Tim McIlrath, commented at how gorgeous the venue setting was for such an iconic tour. For anyone that knows Rise Against and listens to their music, they know these guys are very much about protecting this beautiful planet and not letting man destroy it – or letting man destroy each other. You couldn’t have picked a better setting to watch them live. Before breaking into an older song, “People Live Here”, Tim had this to say, “Sometimes songs you wrote years ago start to make sense again…when you wake up tomorrow don’t shove your head down in the sand – its easy but don’t do it, it’s dark down there. We have to shed light on what’s happening right now.” The soothing breeze mixed with the intensity of their lyrics made for one of the most unforgettable ways to see a rock show.

As nightfall hit, Deftones made their way onto the stage. Performing their hits both new and old, they had the crowd captivated from before they stepped foot on stage. Deftones may have been around the longest of the three bands on the bill that night but you wouldn’t have guessed it by the way they perform. You can easily tell by watching them that they have countless years of experience but the way they move you’d have no idea that they’ve been around since ’88. Lead singer, Chino Moreno wasted no time jumping into the crowd – fans rushed the barricades hoping to get a piece of their favorite rocker. The packed theater boomed with excitement and cheers with the start of each song – always louder than the last. If you didn’t come into this show knowing who Deftones were or even being a fan, you definitely left being one. What keeps fans coming back to watch bands like Deftones is the passion they put behind each performance – you cant fake the kind of emotion you see and feel that they put out.

This line up was absolutely jaw dropping – each act a legend within their own right. Having Thrice start off the show, followed by Rise Against and to close it out with Deftones, this felt like a triple-headlining tour rather than a co-headlining, having each band opening for a bigger name. Having these artists perform in a venue like Jones Beach Theater was such a different experience – because it was so open it had the feel of an incredible rock festival and yet, despite the impressive size of the theater, it felt so intimate. Who would have guessed that the perfect compliment to rock music would be a cool ocean breeze?

Last modified: July 21, 2017