DADA LAND:No Rules Just Dada'Written by | Photo Showcase, Show Review

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Photos & Images By: James Dicks

On May 20th 2017 Dada Life brought there DaDa Land tour to Brooklyn and with it came banana basketball, temporary tattoos and most importantly, good music and great acts to follow.

First up to the stage was Kill The Noise an artist I had known about but not well. However, you would have never had guessed he was the opener by the crowd’s reaction. The intensity coming from this room full of people was absolutely intoxicating. It was impossible to sit still during KTN’s set, but quite honestly why would you even want to?

 Seven Lions took to the stage next – a DJ who really doesn’t need an introduction. Breaking out with his new single “Freesol“, Seven Lions is for sure a crowd favorite. His sets are always full of energy accompanied by beautiful visuals that compliment each song. Yet the passion that comes through when the beat drops is what really stands out, you don’t see that much anymore.

Finally the moment all you epic mother fuckers had been going bananas for – Dada Life. Between the incredible visuals, a stage overflowed with inflatable champagne bottles, bananas to real life champagne bottles getting sprayed on the crowd, it was one hell of a night. There was a giant inflatable robot thingy and let’s not forget about the legendary pillow fights that happen at their shows – which they hold a world record for. The way they make the crowd a part of the show it’s so much more than a memory, it’s a live event, an experience unlikely any other. Next time Dada Life comes to your town go be a part of the pillow fight and dance like you have “One Last Night On Earth“.

Last modified: July 13, 2017