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Malibu, California girl, Kylie Hughes, started with a karaoke machine, a guitar, a ukulele, and a dream. Kylie is now anticipating the release of her first album, Kylie Hughes, a 12-track project with a mix of different sounds and emotions. Her fun and sexy lead single “Heat” is currently roughly over 75,000 views, making it her most-watched video to date. Kylie can not wait to finally release her album and show the world what she is all about.

BT: How has New York been treating you so far?

Kylie: I just got in last night, so it’s been so far so good. I like New York so much, it’s one of my favorite places to visit, but I much prefer the west coast.

BT: To get straight to your music, you had your lead single “Heat” posted on YouTube just a week ago, and you already have roughly 70,000 views. How does that make you feel?

Kylie: It was very surprising to me. I was so excited. I didn’t expect it at all. I think “Heat” is my fifth music video and compared to my other videos it got so many more views. My second highest music video has around thirteen thousand views, but that has been out for a year. The video went up and I hadn’t checked it for a while and when I sat down and finally did it completely shocked me. I went back and checked it a few days later and I was like “Oh my god it went up more!” I wish more people would comment because I go on there myself and respond to people. It has been exciting and encouraging with more eyes watching.

BT: Your video now compared to your other with thirteen thousand views, what do you think has been the difference that resulted in you to get a big difference like that?

Kylie: The quality of the song and the video. I think this video stepped up the production. It was cool to do acting vinets, too. I love movies and music videos, so I tied the two. I knew the video had to be sexy, but I didn’t want to do a typical me on top of a car thing, so when I was watching Talladega Nights the thought came to my head, and I decided to spoof it.

BT: Tell me more about your album. What sounds can we expect to hear?

Kylie: Within the past two days I have gotten a couple of write ups from country-focused outlets, and I didn’t mean to do it, but I wrote and recorded half the album in Nashville so I think a little bit of country seeped in, and so you can say it is a country-pop sounding album. It is definitely pop in its core, but there is also some rock sounds making it a little bit of everything. But it is all fun and positive with a little bit of relationship stuff.

BT: Did any artists, new or old inspire any of the work on your album?

Kylie: Taylor Swift’s Red album where is was country but also pop on there. But, all of them are very Taylor-like.

BT: Is there a message you would like your upcoming album to convey?

Kylie: No specific message, but for it being a self-titled album I just wanted it to show all of the different sides of me and what I bring to the table with music. All in all, it has a positive feel with a few messages telling listeners not to be a pushover or not to compromise.

BT: How long did it take you to record the album and how many songs are there?

Kylie: There are twelve songs and I have been writing and recording it for two years. There were so many songs that were narrowed down to these twelve. Right now the album is well-rounded and super balanced. There are some songs I wish would have been on there but I may release a deluxe album. It has been fun to do and the hard part of finishing this album was my song-writer friends coming to me wanting to write a song but I have to say no because, for me, once I write a new song it becomes my new favorite song. Then I start wanting to change the album so I have to stop myself and say no, no more writing, because it truly is well-rounded and perfectly about me. When the album is done and released I will start writing again. I haven’t written in months except for one co-write and it has been very painful because that song was just too good, so maybe it will be on the next album. I can be a perfectionist with wanting the most perfect songs on the album, but I will never stop if I keep going like that.

BT: If this album is the first time someone is listening to your music, what sense of you would they gather?

Kylie: I think you can get a little bit of my personality from it in the sense that I am fun. In my work I like to be witty and tie things in and change it half way through the song, basically winking at the listener letting them know that they are in on the joke. I have had some friends tell me it is very organic. I can play every song with a band, so I hope listeners kind of get my personality and sense of humor, also my appreciation for real music as opposed to just going on and pressing a few buttons and there you have it, a song.

BT: How long have you been developing your image as a musician and what would you say about your artistry has improved the most?

Kylie: From little I was always in girl scouts singing campfire songs and my family sings and plays musical instruments. I remember specifically my parents got me a karaoke machine and I remember wanting to, at six years old, and I ran back into the playroom and came back out with sixteen songs to impress my parents. Each song had like four lines, and so that sprouted my writing. I grew up sort of like Katy Perry with only listening to Christian music in my house, so grabbed my guitar and started writing worship songs. My grandmother used to play ukulele and got me my first one when I was in High School and I started playing guitar like twelve years ago. Michelle Branch inspired me to branch out of worship songs and when I was in eighth grade I wrote my first song about a boy who kissed my best friend, called Bad News. And like anything, the more you do it, the better you get.

BT: Did you perform at your local talent shows?

Kylie: Yes I did and in college I performed at coffee houses. I was in a sorority so whenever there was a singing something they always threw me in stuff like that. My parents were involved in charities and fundraisers so I would always go and sing for them. It is more intimidating to perform in acoustic settings in a medium sized room with people I don’t know. I think it is much easier to perform one on one or with friends. I have now been accustomed to practicing ten times over before I perform so I go up there rehearsed enough and nothing should go wrong.

BT: I saw the article written about you by the Huffington Post. With them being a huge news outlet, what was that moment like for you and how did it come about?

Kylie: It happened with Big Picture Media, my great PR team. When they told me Huffington Post wanted to launch an article about me I was like “What!” I think that’s why my number have launched, because I have never been promoted by anything outlet that big. They just sent the email questions over a week early and it took me so long to answer the questions back. I’ve got really lucky, it has definitely opened doors and gotten a lot of eyes on my video.

BT: Thank you for sitting down with me! Anything more you would like to share?

Kylie: My album is coming out on the 26th of this month. On that same day, I will be having an album release party in L.A. at the Peppermint Club, which is open to the public with a small cover charge.

Last modified: May 15, 2017