Sophomore Slump Fest Announces 2017 Festival Lineup

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In 2016 the music community was introduced to Sophomore Slump Fest. With the tireless efforts of FBT Booking’s Erik Peterson and Liz Mercer, together they threw one of the Nations best premier EZ-Core festivals with little allotted time. This year, the team had proper time to curate and execute #SSF17. This lineup is fire; comprised of friends around the music community, friends of Babetalk, and new faces, the weekend of August 5, 2017 is going to be a wild. We don’t even know who Sammy Sophmore’s Special Guest is and we’re already pumped for this.


Kid LibertyTo Speak Of WolvesKeep FlyingCenterfoldsHome Sweet HomeScowl BrowAction/AdventureRivieraBad CaseSafe So SimpleLight It UpSharptoothHarbourHeroes Like Villains, and Mirada!

Tickets on sale now, click here to purchase!

Sponsored by (OH HECK THAT’S US) and Existential Clothing Co.!

Look out for interviews with some of these bands in the weeks to come!

Last modified: May 1, 2017