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Born in Hawaii, Leihoku, stage name JoLivi is a now Los-Angeles-based singer working diligently to continue traveling the world spreading her message behind her recent EP, Just For You. A Huge advocate of women’s rights and the LGTBQ community, JoLivi inspires to be a supporting voice as well as a helping hand for those who find themselves dealing with a harsh breakup.

Babetalk: Hi Jolivi! Thank you for taking out the time to sit and talk with me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with you or your music, please share a little about yourself.

JoLivi: Well, I was born and raised in Hawaii. I attended Colorado state for college starting in Business then switching to a theatre with a concentration in performance. After I had graduated I went to Los Angeles where I was lucky enough to meet some great mentors and people in the industry like producers. My sound came from a little mix of Tove Lo and Selena Gomez, throwing it all together to a more alternative rock, and electropop style. My last album was pretty much about one relationship and the different parts of it, both good and really bad.

BT: Was it difficult to record that album?

JoLivi: It was very difficult to record that. One of the songs, “Don’t Matter,” when I went on my radio tour I pretty much cried every time I performed it. It took me a while to be able to sing it straight through and put it behind me. It is a song about wanting a moment of someone’s time whether they are cheating on you, whether they are doing good or wrong, all you want is that moment.

BT: Your love for music, from where did it sprout?

JoLivi: My Grandfather. He was a Hawaiian singer. He passed away about five years ago, but he is still always here with me.

BT: Do you have any musical influencers in your life?

JoLivi: As for current artists, I love Sara Bareilles and Beyonce. I think they are influential in all realms, not just music, which is what I strive to achieve in my career. When I was younger, I was influenced by James Taylor, Prince, Ronnie Radke, Rolling Stones, and more.

BT: What message do you intend to send to women across the globe?

JoLivi: I definitely, as cheesy as it sounds, there has been so many ups and downs in my career where I was doing well, and then it would take a dull. I have never had anyone tell me I suck, but I have people decline to work with me, and the message I intend to send is that no matter what you want to do, as long as you can survive doing it, do not ever stop, We only live just one time. For this career, I want to be a Lady Gaga; I want to be a voice for everything like the LGBTQ community, for women and their rights, and so much more.

BT: Any milestones you wish to accomplish in 2017?

JoLivi: I want to get back in the studio, and I want to go on tour really bad. My music is different now so I would love to jump on tour with someone and travel the country for several months and just sing. If I could go on tour with The Chainsmokers, that would be awesome!

BT: Where do you see you and your music career in the next three years?

JoLivi: Doing just this, but at a much higher level. I am not striving for fame, but I want to be a voice, I want to make a change, I want to do things and give back as much as I can. Right now I am not that big of voice, but I want to be bigger where people will listen to my music and be influenced happy, or have the help to get through a breakup. That is where I want to be. I want people to be writing me thanking me for the help I gave them, from all different people and communities.

BT: What is your favorite song of yours, so far?

JoLivi: “Don’t Matter,” for sure. Maybe there are songs out there that have the same message, but it happens too often to so many girls to where we think that we are not loved or good enough, where the girls feel their lowest, and that is the best they are going to feel. I never thought I would be, but I was that girl. I always thought of myself of strong and independent, but when I was going through that relationship, I realized that I was taking nothing but the bad from someone and I still loved them.

BT: Games currently has the most views on your Youtube channel, from where did you find the inspiration behind that record?

JoLivi: The same relationship. When he would play the games, I liked it almost. If he was too nice to me, there was something wrong. Every time we broke up and got right back together, which was every single time, I wrote a song. I almost loved that feeling. I would want to get back together with him just so that I can write another song, and that is how Games came about.

BT: Do you have any advice for young women like yourself looking to step into the music business?

JoLivi: If you can be any way in this industry, be respectful, be honest, and be polite. Put yourself out there. People care if you can sing, but they care about your personality more. If you can sing, cool, but if you are nice and you can sing, that’s a bonus. Just be yourself. If yourself it boring, find a way to stop away from that. Pretend you are always with your family and give people a hug, say what’s up, share some personal aspects of your life. It worked for me.

BT: Is there an artist or producer you wish to collaborate with in the future?

JoLivi: Ryan Tedder and James Taylor

BT: You did an exclusive acoustic cover with Perez Hilton, how did that come about?

JoLivi: Perez randomly shouted out Games on his blog praising my sound and my music. Then he shouted out my next single Chains, then our teams reached out to each other, and we were able to get in the studio, which I loved. I did not get to meet him in person, but he wrote to me and let me know he loved the session. If time allows, I will live to meet him and do another session.

BT: Thank you for taking the time out to talk with me. Is there anything else you would like to add?

JoLivi: “Love Who You Wanna Love” is the single out right now with a great message. It is pretty much dedication to the LGBTQ community, which I am a huge advocate for.

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