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Holly Would Surrender practically bleed pop-punk. Repping an “in pizza we trust” shirt, showing off a few tattoos here and there; even one saying “skate fast, die punk,” as well as sporting a backwards snapback. But considering that they have they have an excellent sound and catchy lyrics to back them up; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It was quite obvious that the punks, hailing from Hamburg, have already been making a name for themselves. They engaged well with the crowd, got a lot of feedback and singing. Holly Would Surrender has a great stage presence. This is the second German local band I’ve seen during my stay, and I am very impressed with the German scene has to offer. Holly might surrender, but I don’t think this band is anytime soon. With a sound inspired by bands like Blink, they were a fantastic opener for a pop-punk headliner.

Microwave is one of my favorite bands, and one of my favorite bands to see live. Their performance was anything but “Dull,” and that is quite the understatement. Credit has to be given where it is earned, and believe me; these guys deserve every ounce of it. They have risen to the top of the scene quite fast, showcasing their talent, especially with their newest album. Which of course they treated us with, playing a few bangers off of it. From started to finish they played a fast paced setlist; full of emotion, even playing my favorites “Stovall” and “Trash Stains.” There is just something raw and genuine about Microwave’s music. They are the type of band that you can listen to all day without getting tired of them. I would like to take a moment to congratulate Microwave on their first overseas tour, also well deserved. Such great dudes with great tunes.
When I first entered the venue, I must say I was a little surprised. The last few time I’ve seen Real Friends, it was all in bigger venues, and MTC is rather small. But as soon as the headliners hit the stage, I realized that the size of the place wouldn’t be a problem at all. The show’s atmosphere ended up being incredibly intimate with a lot of crowd interaction. As many knows, Real Friends postponed this tour; it was supposed to be in December. But the band was rather open about the reasoning behind the cancellation, needing some time to focus on themselves, especially their mental health. And during their show at MTC, the boys were just as open. Dan took a moment to discuss his battle with mental health, that he was now getting help, and that, that’s perfectly okay. Stating that getting help is not a sign of weakness, it takes courage, urging people to reach out if they need. As their set came to an end, the fan’s begged for another song, not letting Real Friends off the hook that easily. So with the intimate setting in mind, Real Friend’s allowed the fans to choose the closing song, taking requests. Unfortunately, my request for “I Think I’m Moving Forward,” one of my favorites, was decline by Dan. Instead, the band and the crowd soon agreed on “Sixteen,” which totally made up for it. Shortly after picking the song, we all had a good laugh as Dan confessed that he would have to look up the lyrics before they played it, proving the not everyone’s perfect, humanising the Lost Boy pop-punk giants. But that did not hinder the emotional performance of “Sixteen,” whatsoever. A beautiful set, with a sick line up. Another Real Friend’s tour for the books, they never disappoint.

Last modified: May 18, 2017