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The openers chosen for this tour were honestly phenomenal. I have missed Tiny Moving Parts every time they were in town, so I was extremely stoked to hear that they were a part of this tour. And man oh man they went off as soon as the opening note went off. Dylan, the lead singer, was unstoppable as he jumped around the stage, taking a break now and then to shred a twinkly riff. Although they’ve been increasingly getting the attention they deserve, they are still somewhat underrated. Those who don’t know them are missing out on such good honest and emotional music that is delivered in such a beautiful manner, especially live. But I was very happy to see that quite a few people in the crowd knew them, singing the words right back at the band.

When Babetalk’s 2016 Mid Album of the Year List came out, Trash Boat’s Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through was my number one album. Their performance the night of this show just proved that they are totally worth of that. They truly put themselves on the map with this album which happens to feature Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years. They set started off with a strong dose of fast-paced pop-punk which continued all the way through to the end. Trash Boat’s moody lyrics backed up by smooth riffs and thundering drumming shows that they have earned a spot on the steadily growing stage of the pop-punk scene.

This has been a show I’ve been waiting to go to since attending The Wonder Years’ fall tour back home. The Wonder Years is one of my favorite bands, I’ve now seen them six times, and they just get better every time I see them. They had a great set list prepared, opening with the fan favorite “Local Man Ruins Everything” and closing their encore with the iconic “Came Out Swinging.” What I admire the most about The Wonder Years though is the fact that they are literal proof of how important it is to channel and express your grief into something, especially your passions. For those who don’t know their latest album, No Closer to Heaven was heavily influenced by the loss of a close friend. The band is right when they say “the bluest things on earth don’t know shit about the blues,” but their songs, especially off of NCTH will make you feel something. Therefore a show from these pop-punk giants is more of an experience, and that’s what I love so much about them.

Last modified: May 18, 2017