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For many of us here at Babetalk we grew up watching The N, a network based around producing shows for angst filled tweens and teens. One of the greatest shows ever to emerge was, Degrassi: The Next Generation, a sequel to the 80s hit Degrassi High. While many now know this is where Drake [Aubrey] started his career, often we forget that Aubrey wasn’t the only musically talent actor on the show. Shane Kippel, who played Spinner (and Drake’s character’s, Jimmy, best friend on screen), is quite the drummer. Shane’s character often highlighted this skill on screen but when his character eventually left the show, OG Degrassi fans were left to wonder, what ever became of Shane and his talent?

Well, Babetalk tracked him down (in a totally non-creepy sort of way) and found out he is still drumming. He is now apart of a two-piece called, Dear Love. This formally 5 piece Alternative Rock band is now a redeveloped two piece Electronic Rock group. We sat down with Toronto-based, Dear Love to ask them the musically tough questions (and even threw in one for the OG Degrassi Fans)

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Babetalk: Thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. Let’s start off with an easy one, what are your names and what do you do in the band?
Dave: My name is Dave, and I’m the singer and songwriter for Dear Love. And Shane is the band’s drummer.

Babetalk: 3 years ago your sound was much more Alternative Rock and now it’s much more Electronic Rock, what made you guys want to explore a different sub-genre?

Dave: I’ve played rock music since I was 15 years old – so it’s definitely the genre I’m most familiar with and comfortable performing. Over time, however, my listening habits diverged and I started to crave sounds I hadn’t heard before and new techniques I’d never tried. Along the way, I took a liking to electronic music – and the sounds you could create with computers and synths. I’m also not particularly specialized at any one instrument – but felt I excelled in arranging songs. Composing on computers, using any sound I could find or create, changed the way I envision and piece new songs together. It was only a matter of time before the band’s rock sound merged or evolved into reflecting this passion.

Babetalk: To add to the last question, Dear Love started out as a 5 piece band with a set sound within a well established music genre (Atl. Rock) now you are a 2 piece within a developing sub-genre, do you feel the transition was difficult at all? Have fans been receptive/supportive of the [some would say] drastic changes you’ve made as a band?

Dave: We’re very much in the composition phase with new music, so replicating the new sound live isn’t something we’ve tested much just yet. Once the arrangements are down, we’ll dissect them piece by piece and design a live performance that will do it justice. We’ve just released our first track in the new style, and fans have received it very well. Some even say it’s their favourite from us yet – so that’s encouraging! With the new material I’ve been sticking to my same lyrical approach, so no matter how much the music changes, fans will still hear the kinds of stories they’re used to hearing from us.

Babetalk: Do you feel like you’ve diverted so much from your original sound that Dear Love is like a new band with a new beginning? (Dear Love 2.0 as you’ve referred to it on your Facebook Page) Or has it just evolved?

Dave: It definitely feels like a new beginning. We’ve been taking our time. We’ve been working with fellow producers Kevin Pooler and Kunaal Arora in a different kind of environment than the one in which we created our first album. There are a lot more instruments on hand and the team is smaller, so we’ve got a lot more room to experiment.

Babetalk: What’s been the reaction to your new song (and video), Sick With The Same Thing, from fans both new and old?
Dave: Barring a couple of long-time rocker friends who aren’t keen on computers, the song and video has been really well-received by everyone who’s watched and commented so far. We’re really happy with the feedback – and hope people will keep sharing the video!

Babetalk: It’s been almost 3 years since you guys released your debut EP, can we expect a full length album soon?
Dave: When you spell it out, it sounds like it’s been such a long time – but it really hasn’t felt that way! In releasing new material, we’re going to stick to the singles model for the first little while, rather than a full album. We feel like it’ll be more fun and more inspiring to give each new tune a moment to breathe and for fans to really take it in. Then we’ll drop another and another and another – and just keep dropping them as we finish!

Babetalk: What’s your writing and recording process like? Has it changed much since you’ve evolved has a band and as musicians?

Dave: The new material is being created a lot differently than the material on the first record. Before, I would write the bare bones of a song with structure, and then bring it to the rest of the band in our jam space to fully flesh out the intricacies of each instrument. There was a lot more practice time before recording, and the recording process itself was a big, arduous task. This time around, I create a lot of a song in the comfort of my own home; the lyrics and instrumentation. Then I bring what I come up with to my co-producers’ studio – which is where the magic happens. We re-record anything that needs top quality, and sub in new sounds for the draft sounds I use to compose, and really tease out the arrangements. We experiment with a lot of layers too – whether with synths or guitars or strings. It’s a lot of fun – because we’re not on the clock so we have a lot of time to try weird things.

Babetalk: What’s your biggest dream/goal you guys hope to accomplish as musicians (whether that’s as a duo or solo)?

Dave: We’d love to be able to tour one day. So I guess the next big step for us would be to play to a full venue in a city outside of our homebase in Toronto.

Babetalk: You guys are based out of Canada, but can we expect any upcoming U.S. tour dates in the near future?

Dave: Anything is possible! In our current two-piece configuration, we’ll have a lot more potential to be able to bring our music to cities across Canada and the US – so fingers crossed. We hope everyone will keep sharing and promoting our music to everyone they know. The more ears that hear the songs – the higher the chances that we’ll be able to bring our music to you.

Babetalk: It’s no secret that Canada has an amazing track record for incredible musicians: Sum 41, Simple Plan, Silverstein, Avril Lavigne, Drake; is there a particular Canadian musician you guys would love to tour with? Or a U.S musician for that matter?

Dave: Any of the above! We had the honor of opening for Finger 11 a year or so back – which was a dream come true, as they were a band we grew up loving.

Babetalk: Now to address the musical elephant in the room. Because many of us at Babetalk grew up being fans of Shane when he was Spinner on Degrassi, we gotta know, would you ever consider doing some sort of musical collab with Shane’s former costar, Aubrey [Drake]?

Dave & Shane: Of COURSE we would. Our new sound may be a little more conducive for a collab these days too!

Babetalk: Thank you guys so much for taking the time to chat with us. Do you guys have any final thoughts or words for our readers and your fans?

Dave & Shane: Thank you for taking time to interview us! We hope everyone will check out our new video for Sick With The Same Thing ( and come like us on Facebook ( Send us a message there too – we’re always around!

Last modified: March 2, 2017