Photo Showcase: Four Year Strong “Rise or Die Trying 10th Anniversary” Tour'Written by | Headlines, Show Review

Energy, this show was nothing but energy from start to finish.

German locals Storyteller kicked off this killer show with a set full of pop-punk. According to their Facebook page, they set out to prove that pop punk isn’t dead and they did just that. Most songs they played came off of their newest release Problems Solved, filling the room with pop-punkish riffs and lyrics about heartbreak, self-discovery and growth.

I’ve been dying to see Boston Manor ever since I first heard their EP Saudade, and wow, the wait was so worth it. Their set was bitter and aggressive as lead singer spit verses about mistrust, regret and ache. Boston Manor kept the energy up with constant movement. There was a steady and obvious transition of growth when Boston Manor played songs off their first release vs. songs off their new album Be Nothing. The only thing that disappointed me slightly was the length of their set; I wish it would’ve been longer. Overall, though, Boston Manor had an extremely solid performance. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys in the future. Word of advice for friends back home: Boston Manor is heading out on an insanely stacked tour with Moose Blood, catch their set and don’t miss out!

The pop-punk headlining heroes, Four Year Strong took the stage to bring the night to a close, I wish I had a better way to describe it, but they crushed it. I must say that I like the idea they had of playing smaller venues for the ten-year anniversary run of “Rise or Die Trying”. In Münster, they played Gleis 22, a small bar, literally packed with people who came for a great show. And of course, Four Year Strong brought that. The atmosphere was fantastic. The venue was alive with music, everyone jumping and singing. After playing through “Rise or Die Trying”, the setlist continued with a mix of old and new. With the closing song, the crowd did most of the singing. Four Year Strong announced that anyone who knew the lyrics were welcome to come up on stage. So they did. And by they, I mean practically half of the venue ended up on stage. But then again, who goes to a Four Year Strong show without knowing Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)? The fans on stage passed the mic back and forth to one another, a beautiful sight. Anyone up on that stage and in the crowd could agree that this show was anything but a waste of time.

Last modified: April 10, 2017