Sum 41: Don’t Call It A Sum-Back Tour

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2016 is having an identity crisis. Good Charlotte has come out with a new album and has been actively touring, simple plan is on tour, trip pants are making a comeback & now sum 41 is on tour with senses fail. What the hell year is it? As It Is, Senses Fail & Sum 41 teamed up to venture on the “Don’t Call It A Sum Back” Tour.
Back in the “Emo Music years”, Senses Fail was one of the more well-known and sought after bands. Now, years after people’s emo phase, that desire to be front and center of Buddy & the guys is still stronger than ever. For those who have never seen Senses Fail live, go. Go and experience the majestic-ness that is Buddy. Go and experience Cha-Cha dance moves, cartwheels and knee slides that are Senses Fail. One of the best things about seeing a band like Senses Fail [who have been in the music business for years] is that they don’t have to follow the classic “rules” of performing on stage. They get to hype up the crowd how they deem fit without having to worry about impressing a record label. Senses Fail are a prime example of a band who wants nothing more than to perform music they’ve put their all into and put on a memorable show for fans. They will be setting out on their own 10-year tour in 2017 so be sure to catch the wonder that is Senses Fail.

Though Sum 41 announced in late 2012 that they would be taking a break from touring to work on new music new music in 2013, fans were left to wonder what would become of the band when founding member, [drummer] Steve Jocz, announced his departure from the band that same year [2013]. With not much sight of a new album in 2014, fans were becoming restless. To add to the concerns, the health of frontman, Derek Whibley, became public knowledge and were now the main focus of fans. Though Derek promised he had some ideas for new music and that the band would begin working on the album soon, fans were much more focused on making sure Derek made a full recovery. As Derek regained his strength, he made good on his word; in Oct of this year, Sum 41 made their comeback with their 6th studio album, 13 Voices. The album itself had mixed reviews, but that didn’t stop diehard (and new) Sum fans from playing it on repeat.

Sum 41 made 2016 a “Sum back” year, not only with the new album coming out later in the year but also with taking on Warped Tour and finally a proper fall tour. Sum 41 is the type of band that shows their appreciation to those that have given them the career they have today, whether it be fans or those involved in the music industry. Regardless of who’s in the audience, they do everything they can to ensure it’s an unforgettable show. One of these unforgettable moments included Derek doing a wicked guitar solo during their song Underclass Hero, then calling on a fan in the crowd who claimed to play the guitar and brought him up on stage to show his skill (i.e. the fan killed it). Playing both new and old material, the sold out crowd went nuts for all of it.

Even though 2016 presented hardships for many, Sum 41 coming back into our music lives eases the pains of 2016. Now as we approach the new year, we hope for new music and new tours with these music legends.


Last modified: February 2, 2017