Album Review: To The Wind – The Brighter View

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To The Wind – The Brighter View

Released: 10/6/16

Label: Pure Noise

For Fans Of: Counterparts, No Bragging Rights, Hundredth

By Jimmy King


To The Wind is set to release their newest full length The Brighter View via Pure Noise Records on Friday, October 7th. I am sad to admit that although I’ve seen the band live a hand full of times, I haven’t given their recordings much or a chance. The Brighter View has made me regret that even more.

The Brighter View was recorded by Derek Hoffman and produced by Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufelf. The first track “Temporary Escape” is exactly what I needed when being introduced to a band. Heavy riffs and melodic backing mixed with emotionally expressive lyrics will put any fan of Counterparts or Hundredth in a familiar place, but with its own punch and resemblance of hardcore outfits like Expire or Incendiary. It created a good expectation for the rest of the album. However, the band surprised me again later on.

The title track of the album takes things down a notch with a much lighter vibe instrumentally and reminds me of Touché Amore in the best way possible. The lyrics behind To The Wind’s songs are something I am confident a lot of people would find themselves in. The honesty and vulnerability from the song writers is something I genuinely appreciate and made moving through the album very enjoyable.

My favorite track off of the album, “Hard to Live, Harder to Love,” captures all the best aspects of The Brighter View. It’s got a very sing along vibe that albums like Stick To Your Guns’ Diamond has, which is probably while I feel so attached to this song. The mixture of aggressiveness, a melodic bridge, and a riff heavy breakdown makes this track a very filling meal.

I may not have given To The Wind a chance before this, but The Brighter View is something you won’t want to miss and an album that’ll break into a lot of people’s “Album Of The Year” list.

Last modified: October 6, 2016