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Many Rooms is the pseudonym of Bri Hunt, an acoustic performer from Columbus, Ohio. Many Rooms released their EP Hollow Body towards the end of the year via Other People Records. I had a chance to speak with her while she was on tour with Other People Records artists Trade Wind and Wander in about her EP, working with her label, faith, and more!

“I think that when I hear bands that are honest and real about things, it always speaks to me and means something to me. I kind of took that idea when I was writing and said I was going to be completely honest with how I was feeling” – Bri Hunt

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Photo By Jessica Tyler

By Jimmy King


Jimmy: For anyone that is unaware, could you give a brief introduction of yourself?

Bri: I’m Bri! I’m in a project called Many Rooms and I play guitar and sing.

BT: Great! Your EP Hollow Body came out December 4th of last through Other People Records. Do you think you could talk about the road to collaboration between the two of you?

Bri: It’s a really cool story actually! There was a show in Nashville, that’s where I lived at the time, and my friend told there was this show with Souvenirs and Fireworks and that she was going alone. She ended up asked me to come, and I didn’t really want to go because I was familiar with the bands at all and I was like “Oh I don’t know, maybe, maybe not.” I decided to go because I remember how shitty I feel when I play shows and people don’t come out. My friend knew the band Souvenirs and so she was chatting with them and I was standing there and she mentioned to them that I make music and she told them I sounded like Daughter and Tim from Souvenirs’ eyes kind of lit up! He was like “Give me a CD” so I gave him one and a few days later he commented on one of my Instagram pictures and was like “Hey do you mind if I show this to some people?” and of course I said yes, I mean that’s kind of the point. *laughs* Maybe like two weeks later I got the email from Other People Records. It’s kind of crazy, if I decided not to go to that show all of this might not have happened.

BT: That’s a great story. All three bands on the tour package are all on Other People Records, how has it been being with them? Have you met them before? How is it to work with Tom and Jesse?

Bri: Touring with them is great. I’ve met them once, or maybe twice. But both guys are just the most real and genuine people I’ve ever met, and I can feel that they genuinely care about me, so this tours been two days but it’s so fun because these guys help me out if I’m in a bind or if I’m struggling and that’s different from most other labels because their main motive is how much money they’re making or losing and Tom and Jesse care more about you as a person and an artist. It’s been two days, but I consider them great friends already.

BT: That’s fantastic, I’ve always said that I’ve made most of my best friends through music; it really does bring people together.  

Bri: It really does!

BT: Back to the EP! What was your inspiration on writing the record? It seems like a pretty emotional record from listening to it. Do you write as an emotional release?

Bri: I think that when I hear bands that are honest and real about things, it always speaks to me and means something to me. I kind of took that idea when I was writing and said I was going to be completely honest with how I was feeling.  So When I’m sad, I’m going to write, and it serves as a release for me and I’m able to disconnect from whatever that feeling was. I write as honest as I can because I think that that’s the best way to help other people understand that they’re not alone in something and I think that’s the main driving force behind why I write. Because I believe that everybody has pain and everybody has been broken at some point, that’s our common ground and so I want to put my brokenness out there and feel comfort in it.

BT: I’ve noticed that both live and on the album there’s a presence of a high power, or as you refer to as God, is that a big thing in your life? I feel like sometimes musicians refer to “God” in music but not always in a religious sense, they’re just kind of using that name to talk to someone that isn’t them through their writing. But for you does, is religion a big part of your life, in and out of music?

Bri: Absolutely. That is my entire life; it all revolves around my faith and what I believe in with Jesus. I try not to be a “Christian artist” because I want to write about other things other than religion and other problems that I have but everything points back to Christ for me in my life and my music. The driving force for all of my song are that they are really sad, but there is some hope in it, and that hope is God, that comfort is finding God.

BT: Was Hollow Body the first release as Many Rooms?

Bri: No, that was the first! I had the EP actually released for like a year DIY under the name Captain and I decided to change my name. Other People contacted me after and said they wanted to re-release the EP.   

BT: How long have you played music and what was the driving force behind you starting to perform? Was it a parental influence or a specific band that made you want to perform?

Bri: My mom picked up a guitar for the first time in her life when I was young, like 6 maybe, because she did worship for her church, and I think that’s where I picked up on the fact that I really enjoyed music a lot! I wrote my first song in 3rd grade, so I’ve always been interested and always wanted to play and I’ve always written poetry and played guitar. So I think the influences for the direction that my music started to take, largely, is As Cities Burn because they were the first band that I heard that was talking about real shit and being very honest, so defiantly them.

BT: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Bri: Thank you for the interview!

Last modified: September 29, 2016