Showcase Interview: Sleep In.

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Sleep In. is a 5-piece alternative/indie rock band from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The band’s members have established a collective/label called Hideaway Collective in which they release their own music through and set up shows with and are a band to look out for this year. Recently, I had the chance to talk to them about their origins as a band, new music coming up, show announcements and what they want people to take from their music.

“I know lyrically for me that is a big part in being a vocalist and a writer is to relate to people and have people understand and to also, not make people feel alone. We just want to convey the message that everybody goes through some shit sometimes and it’s all good” – Tom Fowler

For Fans Of: Citizen, Emery, Sunny Day Real Estate

By Daniel Solitro



Babetalk: First off, please tell us your name and what you do in the band.

Joe: I’m Joe and I play guitar

Tom: I’m Tom and I sing

Eric: I’m Eric and I play guitar and do backing vocals

Fitz: I’m Fitz and I play bass

Mike: I’m Mike and I play the drums

BT: How did Sleep In. come together?

Eric: Most of us were in a band from 2010 to 2012 called Collisions. Mike, Fitz and I were in that band and in 2012 we stopped playing as Collisions and we got Joe on guitar and then two years later, we got Tom on vocals, so that’s how we all came together.

BT: What genre do you guys consider yourselves?

Tom: Twinkle daddies!

Entire Band: No!

Joe: Rock n’ Roll. More indie vibes, but we are, at heart a Rock N’Roll band.

BT: So, when you guys are writing, who would you guys cite as influences?

Eric: We’re always referencing 90s alternative bands. A few of the songs that we’re writing right now, we’ll say it sounds like The Smashing Pumpkins or Foo Fighters or Third Eye Blind. But, we also like a lot of more underground stuff and late 90s rock like Jimmy Eat World, Promise Ring and Sunny Day Real Estate.

BT: I saw that you guys announced that you’re opening up for Cute Is What We Aim For on their 10-year anniversary tour for The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch. One, how excited are you guys for the show and how did you guys get on that?

Joe: We’re stoked! Union Transfer is an awesome venue and we have friends who travel around the country and they say that UT is still one of their favorite venues and I think that we’re just lucky to have a venue like that so close. As for how we got on that, we have some friends over at R5 Productions and they got us on that!

BT: I know that you guys put out a 7-inch back in March. What was the writing and recording process like for that?

Eric: So far, everything that we’ve done as Sleep In. we wrote and rehearsed in my basement and I have a studio down there as well. So, we recorded everything in the basement as well. I record everything and it’s all in-house.

BT: Is that the same thing you’ve guys done for your full-length Settling?

Eric: Yup! Same exact thing. We write everything, demo and then record everything in my basement.

BT: What do you want people to get out of your music?

Tom: Reliability and honesty, and hopefully that they like what they hear *laughs*. Those things and also truthfulness that comes from every day things that people experience. I know lyrically for me that is a big part in being a vocalist and a writer is to relate to people and have people understand and to also, not make people feel alone. We just want to convey the message that everybody goes through some shit sometimes and it’s all good.

BT: Tell me about Hideaway Collective

Joe: It actually kind of ties into the whole band really. Eric, for instance, talks about how he records our music and does his own kind of thing on the side. It’s kind of a similar idea where we all work together and work hard on this and I wanted to start a platform for us to release stuff. I saw a lot of talent in the area when it comes to friend’s bands that are just getting out there and touring the country and working hard and I feel that they deserve to be heard. So, I’m just trying to help expose those bands and it also gives us a platform to release our own music as well. I think a lot of the labels that were started by people in bands because it all comes from the same thing. You just want to help your friends and I think that’s where it pretty much comes from. I mean, we also have other projects and Mike does graphic design and video work for us. We all try to contribute to the band in different ways and we try to keep a DIY aesthetic where we can all work hard, using our own skills to put the band out there.

BT: What are your plans for this year going into the next one?

Joe: We’re working on an EP right now that we’ve been writing with Jesse Cannon. He’s worked with some bigger bands like Man Overboard, Transit and The Menzingers. We’re still going to do our own thing with it, where we record it in Eric’s studio. We’re going to have complete control, but we’re going to be using Jesse to bounce ideas off of, so it’s something that he can coproduce with the band and work on the songs together. Then we’re going to reconvene and put it out to some people and see what happens. We’re also trying to hit some weekends with some of our friends around here who are doing big things, like Your Persona, we have a weekend lined up with them and a few other bands. We also have Pinelands Music Festival coming up, so we’re just trying to stay busy until the record is finished and then we’re going to push as hard as we can.

Tom: Hopefully more touring this time than in the past. We usually tour a few weeks out of the year, but hopefully next year we’ll up that a little bit.

BT: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Is there anything that you’d like to say to our readers?

Entire Band: Get into slap phone!

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