Exclusive: New Lila Ignite Music Video and Track by Track Commentary with Tyler Reed

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Lila IgniteSomething Meaningful
Released: 6/21/2016
Label: Independent
For Fans of: Say Anything, Bowling for Soup, Jimmy Eat World

Binghamton band Lila Ignite are releasing the first music video “Hey, George Washington” alongside an exclusive track by track commentary of their EP Something Meaningful with frontman Tyler Reed and friends: Charlie Bruno of Keep Flying, Justin Lindenthaler of Coasting on Potential, and Billy Jenkins of Lift Tom Lift, who you can catch at the Something Meaningful EP Release Release show on July 16 at Magic City Music Hall, Binghamton. Much like the title Something Meaningful suggests, the theme of the EP is stories about finding something meaningful in their work as Lila Ignite as well as in vocalist Tyler Reed’s personal narratives. In the anthemic follow-up to the 20-track fan favorite Not Punk Rock, there’s a lot of the similar flavors of hard hitting and angry monologues met with the desire to be someone worthy of respect. It follows up with Lila Ignite’s natural ability to keep it real. “You know there’s a level of authenticity in the music that doesn’t come around too often anymore,” says Charlie Bruno, guitarist of Keep Flying and Refuse the Conformity. In its first track, “Dazzle Camouflage,” the band calls out all the egotistical musicians, maybe playing covers, while others struggle to be heard.


“Dazzle Camouflage”

“Lyrically I really appreciate Dazzle Camouflage, especially being a member of a local band that performs original music myself. I think it really captures the opinion of a lot of the local bands around Binghamton that feel their hard work might get overshadowed by some of the cover bands that have been around for ages,” says Justin Lindenthaler of Coasting on Potential of Binghamton. Dazzle Camouflage has the ability to resonate not only with musicians but anyone who has struggled to be noticed doing something meaningful and new while other people copy the things that are tried and true. “For the record, I don’t hate cover bands. To my knowledge, there is no real “beef” with any person in particular. My main issue with individuals from that area, or any area of music, is ego. It’s unnecessary in my opinion… if you love to play music, then love to play music,” Reed states. And as for the wrestling voice over in the bridge Lila Ignite drummer Jon Shackleton did it. He explains, “Jon actually did it! The idea came about when we were in the process of recording the song, actually. We needed something to fill that space. We jokingly said we should add something ridiculous to kind of poke fun at ourselves. Jon went into the vocal booth and in one take, he nailed it, and we kept it.”

“Never Have I Ever”

Dazzle Camouflage isn’t the only song calling out the status quo of just doing what everyone else is doing. In the song “Never Have I Ever,” Tyler recalls learning how to juggle while others were out having sex. However, the calling out isn’t only outward, but inward. “It’s about realizing you are a flawed human being and then also realizing that everybody has flaws, and that’s perfectly okay. I wanted to point the finger at myself in that song,” says Reed. “This song is basically an epiphany in realizing ‘hey, maybe I’m not as good of a person as I think I am.’ From that realization, it’s then having the desire to find a flawed individual like yourself who you can share your own little world with.”

“Promiscuous World”

Promiscuous World is kind of the “screw it, I’m going to party” song,” Tyler explains. The introduction of the song puts bassist Adam Metzar and drummer/vocalist Jon Shackleton in the spotlight briefly giving the song a hardcore punk feel, met by Thomas Lewis’ distorted lead guitar switching off with Reed’s vocalization of internal battles. “This song is about the frustration of being alone and how easy it is to fall into the life of hook-up culture,” says Reed. “Having the constant temptation to indulge yourself into that kind of lifestyle is fascinating and new. But, at the same time you never really feel fulfilled.” It has all the markings of a signature Lila Ignite song- in your mind you can imagine anxiety driven pacing but it’s also met by great dynamics- coming down in the end in volume. “My favorite on this EP would probably be Promiscuous World. I think it’s Tyler’s strongest vocal performance on the record, especially in terms of the catchy verse melody and how anthemic the chorus feels,” says Lindenthaler.

“Sleep Peacefully”

To me, this song is the turning point of the EP. Being surrounded by more fast paced, high-energy songs, this one kind of stands out,” Tyler says. The lyrics of this song speak for themselves on the subject of personal loss, something unavoidable to everyone but very personal to each each making the song so relatable. “Everyone who’s heard it bawled their eyes out. It’s a difficult topic; accepting the loss of someone or something that you hold very dear to your heart. Once you see through the sadness, you start to think of every happy memory you’ve had with whoever it is you’ve lost. It has a blissful nostalgic feeling attached to it.”

“George Washington”

Lastly, the EP wraps up with a song describing sitting in traffic on the GWB and connecting part of the meaning “Never Have I Ever,” the desire to find someone to share flaws with while performing out on the road and regrettably paying tolls across New York State. With a very infectious guitar riff throughout the song and big sounding harmonies and memorable chorus, it is no question why this song would be the one to be the first music video off Something Meaningful.  I have to say that [the video] is absolutely awesome. We’ve been wanting to do a wrestling video for so long, and what better way to show my distaste for the price of tolls than by having a wrestling match with George Washington and his team… The Fathers! Adam did an absolutely amazing job with the costumes for the wrestlers. Our good friend and cinematographer, Jeff Blodgett absolutely crushed it. I think people are going to love the video. If not, at least we got to perform and wrestle inside of a real wrestling ring.” Blodgett’s previous work includes a documentary about Lila Ignite called All You’ve Got.

Overall, Something Meaningful is fun to listen to- capturing the honest Lila Ignite sound, making them a stand out band among pop punk bands on the east coast. They continue to put out rock music that is dynamic, intense, while also being so relatable. These are the ingredients that continue to drive the band’s success beyond their talents as musicians and performers. “Lift Tom Lift has been playing with them extensively in the last year or so and just in that short amount of time we’ve seen big things in the future for this band,” says Billy Jenkins. And Charlie Bruno suggests, Don’t sleep on Lila Ignite, they might just be your new favorite band.”

Download Something Meaningful on Bandcamp (Link: http://lilaignite.bandcamp.com)
Purchase tickets for Lila Ignite EP Release show (Link: http://lilaignite.virb.com/store/34081169)

Last modified: July 18, 2016