Photo Showcase: The Used: Self Titled & In Love and Death featuring The New Regime

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The Used
The Used
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15 years ago we were introduced to a band that help start the generation of emo rock/post hardcore rock music, The Used. To honor the 2 most recognized albums by The Used, they decided to tour across the country giving each city they hit two nights of music from their fans’ youth. Night one featured their self title debut album from start to finish and night two was In Love and Death. On April 27 I was able to hit up the second night of their NYC dates at PlayStation Theater.

Opening up for this incredible, sold out night was The New Regime. Officially only consisting of Ilan Rubin, he was joined by 2 other fantastic musicians.  Ilan is like a musical/style baby of Ray Toro (My Chemical Romance) and Slash (Guns and Roses). Though part of my biased heart wished it were Ray or Slash, Ilan did not disappoint by any means. His stage presence was theatrical and fun which made listening to their easy going alternative rock music all the most enjoyable to watch and listen to. With Ilan leading the way, The New Regime is a name to remember.

This year has been a big year for the emo kids of the early 2000s, we got a reunion from our beloved Underoath and Good Charlotte; which made our insides shake from excitement. Our emo hearts nearly exploded at announcement of The Used 15 year tour and now, the night was finally here. An album that helped a lot of angst filled teens understand what was going on inside their heads and an album that honored someone very special to front-man, Bert McCracken. The memory of a girl, who showed Bert human love and his love for heroin, tragically overdosed while the album was in production. To honor her, he and fellow bandmates felt it appropriate to name the album In Love & Death.

First off the production of show was absolutely incredible, having a giant signature The Used heart that pulsed. Since Bert’s sobriety, it seems he’s really gained a new appreciation for life and he reminds us all to never take anything for granted; with wise words of “If you live for yesterday we’re wasting our fucking time today” and “Everyone shut your eyes and remember this night for the rest of your fucking lives, alright?”

The night was filled with nostalgia, laughs, smiles but most importantly, loves. A love for a music scene that shaped who a lot of us are, a music scene that helped many of us, including myself, through some of the roughest times of our lives. Towards the end of the show Bert had the crowd open up in preparation for a “wall of death” (because no Used show would be complete without it), but in light of everything it was a “wall of love”. Bert ran the ‘rules by us’, “when we take off, love and hug each other….and kick the shit out of each other”, and the crowd gladly complied.

Over the past 15 years we’ve been able to experience a band that let us know that we are not alone in this life; that the feelings and emotions we have aren’t something to be ashamed of and that its ok to just scream sometimes. We love The Used and everything they’ve given us in the past and will continue to give us in the future.

Last modified: May 3, 2016