Review: Feeny – No Beauty In Routine

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Feeny – No Beauty In Routine

Released: 2/29/16

Label: Independent

For Fans Of: Balance and Composure, Moose Blood, Broadside

By Tony Peppers 


No Beauty In Routine is the sophomore effort from New Jersey trio Feeny. According to the band’s Bandcamp profile they are self-described as alternative, indie, pop-punk, punk rock, emo and shoegaze. While at least one of those things is a bit of a stretch, No Beauty In Routine is a solid effort with a variety of high points. Slow, looming build-ups scatter the record like storm clouds leading into cathartic choruses.

The contrast between the first two tracks is remarkably unsettling. The title track’s dark, ambient atmosphere sets a foreboding tone but is quickly countered by the lush, dreamy melody in “Spoilation (Uncomfortable).” The album is brooding, “Altercations” and “The Haymarket Affair” are rowdier, more aggressive tracks while “Spacious Days” and “Patience and Paranoia” could creep on the indie airwaves without second thought.

Most of the album feels reminiscent and more than a few examples can be cited if you really want to nitpick, but each track still has its own twists and turns that keeps it unique. No Beauty In Routine is anything but routine, providing something for just about everybody in the duration of its twenty-seven minutes. Feeny is a lot like their namesake: emotive, introspective, and totally capable of hitting you right in your feelings.

Last modified: March 31, 2016