Review: Like Pacific – Distant Like You Asked

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Like Pacific  Distant Like You Asked

Release Date – 2/19/16

Label  Pure Noise

For Fans Of: The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Handguns

By James Boss


One of my favorite discoveries of 2015 was Canadian based pop punk band Like Pacific. Their self titled Pure Noise debut EP quickly became one of my favorite releases from last year. Ever since I began to listen to them, my one hope was that they would have more attention showcased on them. My wish is thankfully looking like it is going to come true now, as Like Pacific are not only currently on a massive tour with Neck Deep and State Champs but their newest record, Distant Like You Asked, has been buzzed about ever since its announcement in December. With the album finally out, the question that remains is if Like Pacific was able to live up to that hype.

Like Pacific stepped their game up with many aspects of this album. It creates an easygoing, fun vibe, yet still manages to talk about serious topics such as heartbreak and unrequited love with ease. The vocal performances are more emotional, the hooks are more explosive, and the lyrical content is more mature than it was on their EP. Song such as “Distant” and “Worthless Case” will be stuck in your head for days but still carry a poignant message.

My main complaint with the album is that there is too much filler. The best tracks on the album are placed at the beginning and end of the album. The middle section is completely forgettable and blends together.  However, it picks up again towards the tail end. “Chine Drive”, “Dim”, and “Scarred” in particular create a collective knockout punch that flows extremely well and is the perfect way to close out the album. They contain some of the most unique parts that the band has created and are among the best tracks that Like Pacific has ever released.

Like their self-titled EP, Distant Like You Asked isn’t the most original or groundbreaking album you will come across. It doesn’t try to be that though. It’s just a good pop punk record that will resonate with a lot of people in the scene. Honestly, that’s enough for me. Even though it may be tough for this record to rise above the pack, I’ll be rooting for it to because Like Pacific deserves the fame.  

Last modified: February 19, 2016

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